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International FND Awareness Day

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Where is International FND Awareness Day observed?

It is an international day observed worldwide by FND enthusiasts especially and people who promote awareness of neurological disorders.

Who is International FND Awareness Day observed by?

The day can be observed by anyone from any part of the world.

When did International FND Awareness Day first start?

The first International FND Awareness Day began in 2013, promoted by the British charity FND Action. They aimed to promote awareness of patients with a functional neurological disorder and the treatment plans available through physical therapy.

Who started International FND Awareness Day?

The first International FND Awareness Day, observed in 2013, was started by Bridget Mildon, creator of FND Hope. It is a non-profit patient organization that aims to educate people about functional neurological disorder and how they can help towards the cause of funding research and a potential cure.

On International FND Awareness Day, voice for FND and hear their stories.

History And Timeline

Learn about the history of functional neurological disorders and their first existence below.

18th century

FND's First Existence

The similar symptoms of functional neurological disorders date back to the 18th century. Jean-Martin Charcot defined what we now call FND as a hereditary degeneration of the nervous system (neurological disorder).

April 30, 2012

FND Hope In The US

FND Hope was established in the US to support people diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder. 


International FND Awareness Day

International FND Awareness Day was observed by the FND support group known as FND Hope. It is promoted by a British charity called FND Action.


Digital Observation

FND Hope observed its first digital observance through awareness contests where influencers are invited to submit any form of a blog that speaks about functional neurological disorders.


10th Anniversary

People will be observing International FND Awareness Day's 10th anniversary in 2022, under the theme 'Voice for FND' and 'Let's Talk FND.'

Traditions And Customs

There are three things that you can do to observe International FND Awareness Day. First, spread knowledge about functional neurological disorder where the person experiences symptoms like abdominal discomfort in the absence of a functional cause. This chronic pain, leading to extreme cognitive problems, affects the health and quality of life.

If you are a survivor, share your stories on Let's Talk FND on the FND Hope website. Finally, donate and support fundraising.

Ways To Observe International FND Awareness Day

If you want to help out on this day, let everyone know what the day is about. Besides, you can also donate or help raise funds for advanced FND research and treatments.

If you are an FND survivor, share your personal experiences about how it affected your body and help educate people about functional neurological disorders and how available medications can improve quality of life.

FND Hopes conducts various campaigns to raise awareness about the disorder. It also highlights the effort and dedication of people who care for someone diagnosed with FND. Sign up for a volunteer program to support the campaign to raise funds.

Facts And Stats

  • To further increase awareness of International FND Awareness Day, International FND Awareness Week and World FND Month are observed by the organization FND Hope.
  • Blue and green ribbons represent International FND Awareness Day, like cancer awareness ribbons.
  • International FND Awareness Day is also known as International Functional Neurological Disorder Awareness Day.

FAQs About International FND Awareness Day

How rare is FND?

According to the journal published by Psychiatry and Neuroscience, out of 100,000 people, FND occurs in 4–12 people.

What age does FND start?

The patient with the functional neurological disorder has a structurally normal brain but functions incorrectly. It is uncommon in children under ten years old, but FND affects anyone.

Can the FND be permanent?

FND is unpredictable, and symptoms may come and go or persist. In some cases, symptoms resolve within a short period, and in some people, they may continue for months or years.

What is the motto of International FND Awareness Day?

The day is aimed toward raising general awareness, including the effort, love, and dedication of people who care for someone with FND.

What are some events similar to International FND Awareness Day?

Events similar to International FND Awareness Day are International FND Awareness Week and World FND Month.

What do medical associations say about International FND Awareness Day?

Medical associations have released various mental health tools to support neurological disorders.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
April 13, 2020 Monday
April 13, 2021 Tuesday
April 13, 2022 Wednesday
April 13, 2023 Thursday
April 13, 2024 Saturday

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