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International Mermaid Day

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Where is International Mermaid Day celebrated?  

 International Mermaid Day ​is celebrated all over the world.

Who is International Mermaid Day celebrated by?

In many cultures, people across the world, including Europe, Africa, and Asia, celebrate International Mermaid Day.

When did International Mermaid Day first start?

International Mermaid Day was first celebrated in 2018.

Who started International Mermaid Day?

The Freeform cable network started celebrating International Mermaid Day with their American fantasy television series 'Siren', which debuted on this date in 2018.

History And Timeline

Mermaids have been in many cultures' folklore around the world, including places like Europe, Africa, and Asia. However, the idea of celebrating International Mermaid Day is only a recent one. International Mermaid Day was the brainchild of Freeform cable's network to mark the debut of the fantasy drama 'Siren' on March 29, 2018.

5000 Years Ago

Mermaid Myth Origin

Archaeologists trace the accounts of Oannes, an ambiguous creature in Mesopotamian mythology considered to be a male fish god with the body of a fish and a man's head.

800 BC

Sirens In Homer's Odyssey

The concept of the Mermaid was inspired by the sirens of ancient Greek mythology, which had a half bird-like body. Many Greek stories, including Homer's Odyssey, popularized sirens.


Columbus's Mermaid Sighting Claim

Popular navigator, Christopher Columbus, claimed to have spotted three mermaids that rose to the surface of the sea. Mermaids were known for their beauty. However, Columbus did not find them as beautiful as expected. It is most likely that he mistook some seals or manatees for mermaids.


'The Little Mermaid' Released

One of the most beloved Disney animated films produced by The Walt Disney Company was 'The Little Mermaid.' Like many other animated Disney films, 'The Little Mermaid' was among Disney's blockbuster hits and instantly became a classic film.


International Mermaid Day Celebrated

The Freeform cable network came up with the idea of celebrating International Mermaid Day to coincide with the debut of their American fantasy drama 'Siren'. To promote their show, they organized a mermaid museum in Hollywood and made donations to Heal the Bay, a U.S. environmental advocacy group.

Did you know? The word 'mermaid' means 'woman of the sea.'

Traditions And Customs

Mermaid stories have existed for several thousand years among cultures, including Europe, Africa, and Asia. The mermaid symbolizes life within the ocean. With their deep-rooted significance across the world, mermaids have inspired worldwide celebration of marine life.

Ways To Celebrate International Mermaid Day

International Mermaid Day can be celebrated in a lot of fun ways. You can host a mermaid-themed party and involve your kids in baking a cake and dressing up in mermaid clothes. You can also enjoy your favorite mermaid movies with friends and family or organize a beach clean-up drive to create awareness about marine life conservation. You can get creative by exhibiting your sand art or seashell art. Or try your hand at organizing fun mermaid-themed games along the beach and honor the sea creatures by inspiring your dear ones to join the fun.

Facts And Stats

  • Disney's 'The Little Mermaid' screened in theatres in 1989. In 2019, to honor its 30th anniversary, Disney promoted top mermaid products such as Funko Pop, luxury Mary Frances bags, etc., to celebrate International Mermaid Day.
  • Although the myths about mermaids have a long history, we have only been celebrating International Mermaid Day since 2018.
  • As part of International Mermaid Day, virtual runs and walks of varying distances were held, and medals were shipped in 2021.
  • Princess Ariel became people's favorite mermaid. Disney's imagineering wing also attempted to create a Little Mermaid dark ride at Disneyland Paris.

FAQs About International Mermaid Day

Who started International Mermaid Day?

Mermaid Day was started by the Freeform cable network to mark the debut of their American series, 'Siren'.

When is Mermaid Day celebrated?

International Mermaid Day is celebrated on March 29 every year.

How do people celebrate Mermaid Day?

People celebrate Mermaid Day by hosting mermaid-themed parties or by organizing awareness drives on the conservation of marine life. They also show off artwork about oceans to celebrate the day.

Why do people celebrate Mermaid Day?

People celebrate International Mermaid Day in recognition of mystical mermaids and to create awareness about marine conservation in a fun way.

What is the significance of Mermaid Day?

The significance of International Mermaid Day is to acknowledge the mythical and legendary merfolk and to protect marine life such as seals and sea cows that resemble them.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
March 28, 2020 Saturday
March 28, 2021 Sunday
March 28, 2022 Monday
March 28, 2023 Tuesday
March 28, 2024 Thursday

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