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International Rabbit Day: It's Time To Protect Our Furry Friends

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Where is International Rabbit Day celebrated? 

International Rabbit Day is celebrated all over the world.

Who is International Rabbit Day celebrated by?

International Rabbit Day is celebrated by kids and people who love pet rabbits.

When did International Rabbit Day first start?

International Rabbit Day was first started in the year 1998.

Who started International Rabbit Day?

This day was started by a UK-based organization called "Rabbit

Pet rabbits can be great companions to humans

History And Timeline

Rabbits have a long history on the earth. The recorded oldest rabbit fossil found is about 56 million years old in Gujarat, India. European rabbits are often considered an invasive species for a long time. European rabbit cause damage to the local biodiversity to which it is introduced. Rabbits were hunted for their fur and meat. They were also used for clinical experiments and for drug testing.

In Europe, jumping competitions used rabbits as their show animals. In 1987, The first Rabbit Show Jumping National Championship was organized in Stockholm, Sweden. European rabbit was introduced into North America only in the late 19th century.


American Rabbit Breeders Association

American Rabbit Breeders Association was founded in 1910 by Charles S Gibson. It is the rabbit club that conducts national rabbit shows. It also regulates rabbit breeding in North America. This organization evaluates the quality of the breeds grown by the breeders.


Spread of Myxomatosis Disease

In 1952, the viral myxomatosis disease spread among European rabbits. In Australia, it wiped out almost 400 million rabbits.


House Rabbit Society

In 1988, the House Rabbit Society was formed. It is a non-profit rabbit rescue and educational organization. It has saved over 40000 rabbits in the USA. The headquarters of this organization is present in California.


Starting of this Day

International Rabbit Day was started in 1998 by the "Rabbit Charity" organization. This day was started to create awareness about protecting domestic and wild rabbits.


IUCN Status

In 2019, the International Union for Conservation of Nature(IUCN) declared European rabbits as a 'Near-Threatened' species. 

Traditions And Customs

The common tradition in International Rabbit Day is to create a healthy environment for our pet rabbits to thrive. Rabbits are social creatures and bond well with their breed. It would be best if you adopted rabbits in a pair or in groups. Since most rabbits are from the wild, we must provide them with rabbit holes so they can adapt quickly.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate International Rabbit Day

You can celebrate International Rabbit Day by adopting rabbits from the local shelter. You can campaign against fur farming which kills thousands of rabbits for their fur. You can organize a bunny fashion show event for your kids. You can use social media to share ideas about protecting wild rabbits from breeding purity. You can also visit rabbit care to understand healthy environments for rabbits.

You can celebrate this day with your kids by having a binge-watching day! You can watch animated movies like 'Peter Rabbit' and cartoons like 'Bugs Bunny.' You can also read books like the 'Velveteen Rabbit.' You can also volunteer for campaigns to remove rabbits from several restaurant menus.

Facts And Stats

  • Rabbits' habitat is meadows, woods, grasslands, deserts, and wetlands.
  • In 1996 IUCN declared that the Sumatran Rabbit was critically endangered.
  • In 2003, the Riverine Rabbit Programme was started. This was to protect the riverine rabbits and their habitats.
  • Rabbits have 360 degrees of eye vision. This helps them to identify the predators or hindrances in advance.
  • On this day, extensive rabbit fashion parades take place in Yokohoma, a city in Japan. The participants in these parades are more than 10 thousand in number. Bunnies are loved by Japanese youth due to the influence of western movies.
  • Rabbits can dig giant underground burrows steadily. Funny how they also eat their own poop!

FAQs About International Rabbit Day: It's Time To Protect Our Furry Friends

Is there a World Rabbit Day?

International Rabbit Day is also known as World Rabbit Day.


What day is National Rabbits Day?

National Rabbits Day is celebrated on the fourth Saturday of September.


What is the Significance of International Rabbit Day?

People worldwide spread awareness on how to protect their bunny friends.


How is Squirrel Appreciation Day different from International Rabbit Day?

On Squirrel Appreciation Day, we celebrate the specialties of the squirrel. But on International Rabbit Day, people discuss how to protect and groom pet rabbits.


How does International Rabbit Day affect people psychologically/emotionally?

Rabbits make excellent pets and are popular because of their cuteness. This makes them a favorite among people who like to celebrate their furry friends!


Why do people love International Rabbit Day?

People love International Rabbit Day because they can adopt a rabbit as a pet.


How do we protect rabbits?

We can protect rabbits by securing their natural habitats and also by preventing hunting for food and fur.


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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
September 26, 2020 Saturday
September 25, 2021 Saturday
September 24, 2022 Saturday
September 23, 2023 Saturday
September 28, 2024 Saturday

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