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International Self-Care Day

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Where is International Self-Care Day celebrated?

It is celebrated all around the world as a day to look after your health and spread awareness about doing the same every day. UK, Canada, the US, and various other countries observe this day.

Who is International Self-Care Day celebrated by?

It is celebrated by many people across the globe to help understand the importance of self-care.

When did International Self-Care Day first start?

It first started in the year 2011 as an effort to promote self-care and efforts to help a person understand self-care.

Who started International Self-Care Day?

Īt was started by the International Self-Care Foundation (IFS) in 2011. They are a charity based in the United Kingdom.

This is the day for you to offer support to all the initiatives that promote self-care.

History And Timeline

Self-care should have been a part of our lives since our knowledge of self-care began. It not only helps us become active participants towards caring for ourselves, but it also makes us understand the need for it. Of course, taking care of our own wellness shouldn't be a task but an effort that we make every single day to become better and live a healthy and fulfilled life.


 International Self-Care Day

International Self-Care Foundation, a charity based in the UK, started International Self-Care Day to help promote awareness regarding one's own wellness.


Program Organisers

People work around the whole month to organize programs on this day like full-body checkups and poster competitions.



There used to be just one theme surrounding this day, like in 2017 it was 'Get Better with Self-Care' and in 2018, it was 'Feel Good 7/24'


One Month Of Self-Care

WHO announced a month of self-care for the people starting from June 24 to July 24.


Practice Of Self-Care

WHO promotes research as it establishes a community of self-care practices.

Traditions And Customs

This day is to focus on promoting self-care and its benefits. It should be a lifelong habit, but alas, we don't really understand it enough to help go through it every single day of our life. On this day, people go for a health checkup or even to a psychologist to help get the stress out. They take care of their health both physically and mentally. They go to a spa and spend their entire day relaxing and giving themselves time and love.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate International Self-Care Day

This day is all about caring for yourself and your needs. Go for a full body checkup, relax and spend time with your friends and family. Self-care can help treat your illness and make you fit and happy. There is another level of fulfillment when you start doing self-care. Spreading the word by social media accounts and detoxifying is also a great way to celebrate this day. This is the day to realize the ability of your body to heal from within.

Facts And Stats

International Self-Care Day, started by International Self-Care Foundation, is to help promote a healthy lifestyle.

Every year some themes are followed to celebrate International Self-Care Day, and 2020 had three theme options.

WHO has made a month in the name of self-care month just like the International Self-Care Day.

FAQs About International Self-Care Day

Who started International Self-Care Day?

It was started by the International Self-Care Foundation in the year 2011.

What are some important facts about the International Self-Care Day?

Self-care is the most important aspect of life. You help yourself grow and lead a better life if you care about yourself. If you have any illness, you can get better with the help of self-care.

What are some events related to International Self-Care Day?

There are different events for different age groups. For the youth, mob flash dance and poster-making competitions are held. In contrast, for seniors, it's community involvements and health checkups, and for the general public, researchers and poster campaigns are held.

What is the importance of celebrating International Self-Care Day?

Its importance is that it helps to focus and provides opportunities for a better and healthy lifestyle.

What are some essential things we need to keep in mind while celebrating International Self-Care Day?

Taking into account that this day is not just about physical but also mental health is necessary. It is not just to cure illness but also to maintain a healthy lifestyle and spend time with your friends and family.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
July 24, 2020 Friday
July 24, 2021 Saturday
July 24, 2022 Sunday
July 24, 2023 Monday
July 24, 2024 Wednesday

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