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International Stuttering Awareness Day

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Where is International Stuttering Awareness Day observed?  

October 22 is International Stuttering Awareness Day, and it's commemorated worldwide to raise public awareness.

Who is International Stuttering Awareness Day observed by?

International Stuttering awareness day is acknowledged by the European League of Stuttering Associations, the International Stuttering Association, and the International Fluency Association.

When did International Stuttering Awareness Day first start?

International Stuttering Awareness Day began in 1998. This day helps our community comprehend this communication impairment. 1% of the world's population suffers from stuttering.

Who started International Stuttering Awareness Day?

International Stuttering Awareness Day was started by Michael Sugarman.

5% of children are prone to stammering between two to five years.

History And Timeline

Hippocrates described symptoms akin to stammering in the early fifth century BC. They argued that it is the cause of speech disorders that is deep within the human brain. International Stuttering Awareness Day draws attention to many families suffering from communication disorders all around the world. When we hear someone stammer, we imagine them repeating a certain word while speaking. Other causes of stuttering include syllable or vowel prolongation.


Churchills Book

Phyllis, who was the personal secretary of Churchill, wrote in her book titled 'I Was Winston Churchill's Private Secretary' that Churchill grew up stuttering.


Founded In America

In America, The Stuttering Foundation offers free online services, resources, and support for people with a communication disorder, along with their families. The Stuttering Foundation of America was established and founded in Memphis, Tennesse in the year 1947 by Malcon Fraser and is a non-profit organization.


Argue For Human Rights

Michael Sugarman, in the '70s, participated in peer support groups for children and people with disabilities in Berkeley, California. He noticed that the stuttering community movement and disability rights were collaborating to advocate for human rights, to help break the cycle of being perceived as less educated or worldly simply due to a person's speech.


'The King's Speech' Film

King George IV, to overcome his stutter and build confidence in bringing stuttering to the public, took speech therapy from a famous Australian actor. The film 'The King's Speech' brought this disorder to public attention that the King of the United Kingdom dealt with a stutter.


Supporting Troops

In the year 2015 British government announced the Defence Stammering Network to support persons or troops suffering from neurological conditions (speech disorders).

Traditions And Customs

Stuttering is a speech disorder, for which we encourage people to speak openly about. Last year, the International Stutters Association hosted an online conference from October 19 to October 22.

On this day, people usually show a variety of speeches and talks from different personalities, which are centered on various speech impairments. These speeches help to examine and understand more about stuttering when speaking and living with the discrimination of others.

Parents, friends, or a family members regularly watch films or attend events with their children that highlight how a person with a stutter can overcome challenges, giving people who suffer from stuttering the confidence to speak.

Ways To Observe International Stuttering Awareness Day

International Stuttering Awareness Day can be observed in various ways. You can learn about a famous voice or listen to a person's speech who has struggled with stuttering and how much effort they have put in to overcome their stutter. Depending on the circumstances you may even be able to invite them to a virtual meeting or attend on online conference to hear from other people who experience stuttering. And if you want to watch a movie, the Academy award-winning film 'The King's Speech' is about King George IV of England and his speech therapy.

Facts And Stats

  • There are around 70 million people in the world who stutter and most of them enjoy observing this day as it brings people from all over the world together and can help them feel more empowered.
  • The International Stutter Association consists of more than 36 national groups from different parts of the world, who are also a part of International Stuttering Awareness Day.
  • Children who stutter are more prone to show more effects towards psychological problems, which is why some organizations conduct anxiety-solving campaigns to spread more awareness about this.

FAQs About International Stuttering Awareness Day

What is the importance of celebrating International Stuttering Awareness Day?

Stuttering is a communication disorder, and even today it's difficult to establish why some people stutter and others don't. This day helps to create an understanding of stuttering and provides the chance for people to connect and support their friends and family with this communication disorder.

What are some reasons for celebrating International Stuttering Awareness Day?

The reason to recognize International Stuttering Awareness Day is to raise awareness among the public to respect the people who stutter rather than discriminate against them. Rather than bullying them which affects their mental health, this day provides a chance for people to learn more about stuttering and how to support anyone, either a child or adults, who suffers from stuttering.

Who invented the concept of International Stuttering Awareness Day?

The concept of International Stuttering Awareness Day started in the year 1998, which was led by Michale Sugarman, in Oakland, California.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
October 22, 2020 Thursday
October 22, 2021 Friday
October 22, 2022 Saturday
October 22, 2023 Sunday
October 22, 2024 Tuesday

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