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Melba Toast Day

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Where is Melba Toast Day celebrated?

 Melba Toast Day is celebrated worldwide, but the Melba toast itself was initially created in France.

Who is Melba Toast Day celebrated by?

 Melba Toast Day is celebrated all around the globe but predominantly by the French people.

When did Melba Toast Day first start?

 There is not enough information about the start of Melba Toast Day itself, but the very first mention of Melba toast being used as an appetizer can be found in the 1894 edition of 'The Savoyard.'

Who started Melba Toast Day?

 Dame Nellie Melba was a renowned opera singer who lived in the late 1800s and early 1900s. She is credited with creating Melba toast, which is named after her.

Add whatever toppings you want and create your version of Melba Toast.

History And Timeline

The chef at the Savoy Hotel, Auguste Escoffier, invented Melba toast as a soft diet for her as she liked it so much that she requested it each day on his menu. The French chef Escoffier is credited with coming up with the idea to toast it and then spread it with a light layer of butter or margarine before freezing it to prevent its spoilage.


Peach 'Swan' Melba Dessert

The iconic Georges Augustus Escoffier, a chef at the Savoy Hotel, London, crafts the legendary dessert to celebrate Nellie Melba's act at Lohengrin opera with a swan-like ice sculpture covered with spun sugar.


Perfect Plan

Escoffier bakes the precisely thinly sliced toast from tasty bread for Dame Nellie Melba's weight-loss diet.


Mayo Clinic

The American Academic Medical center recommends Melba toast as a component of the '18-day reduction eating plan' to actress Ethel Barrymore, rendering the food item more renowned than ever.


Melba Leaves The World

At the age of 69, Dame Nellie Melba draws her final breath but stays immortalized through food.


Acceptance In Illinois

In 1990, Melba toast was deemed an 'official' food by the state of Illinois.

Traditions And Customs

 Melba Toast Day is a time to celebrate Melba toast, the thin and crispy toast made with wheat flour. This famous dish is popular in several different ways all throughout the United States and other countries around the world.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Melba Toast Day

Take Melba toast with you for lunch at work. Don't forget the Melba sauce. You can also make Melba toast in your own kitchen. Bake Melba toast at 425 F (218 C) for about 12 minutes until brown and crisp. Serve with your favorite toppings like cheese. Attend a Melba toast cooking class offered in many cities across the United States on or around March 23 every year.

Facts And Stats

In 2003, Melba Toast Day was recognized as an official holiday by the town of honor, Palm Desert, California.

Melba toast was invented by chef Auguste Escoffier in 1893 and was named after opera singer Dame Nellie Melba who is honored on Melba Toast Day.

Melba toast is usually topped with butter or cream cheese and served alongside soups, salads, sandwiches, or cold cuts, but you can try your own toppings this Melba Toast Day.

FAQs About Melba Toast Day

What company makes Melba toast?

Nabisco Melba toast is the most popular and well-known brand of Melba toasted bread, but there are several other brands available, including Scharffen Berger, Pepperidge Farm, and Krusteaz.

What Is a Melba round?

A Melba round is a type of Melba toast that is made from a single slice. It is toasted and then spread with a layer of either foie gras or pâté de foie gras.

What are some advantages of celebrating National Melba Toast Day?

Melba Toast Day is an opportunity to connect with your friends and family over Melba toast, plus it's a great way for people who don't normally eat Melba toast to try this delicious dish.

What are some similarities between national Melba Toast Day and Toast Day?

Melba toast and simple toast are two different food items with different tastes and styles. So the Melba Toast Day and Toast Day are two different days assigned to celebrate and cherish two separate food diet plans.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
March 23, 2020 Monday
March 23, 2021 Tuesday
March 23, 2022 Wednesday
March 23, 2023 Thursday
March 23, 2024 Saturday

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