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Mother's Day Poland

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Where is Mother’s Day Poland celebrated?

Mother’s Day in Poland is celebrated throughout the country, but it is not a national public holiday, which it is in some countries, such as Costa Rica. The celebration of this day started in Krakow.

Who is Mother’s Day Poland celebrated by?

Polish Mother’s Day is celebrated by all Polish mothers and children who do things to make the day special for their mothers and honor them and all of their work and sacrifices.

When did Mother’s Day Poland first start?

Mother’s Day is a holiday in Poland that first started in 1923.

Who started Mother’s Day Poland?

Mother’s Day in Poland was first started in Krakow. There is no further information about who started this Polish holiday.

This day celebrates the importance of a mother in the life of her kids.

History And Timeline

There is not much history available about Mother’s Day in Poland.

It was first observed in 1923 in Krakow but was still a small event that was not celebrated nationwide until after the end of World War II.

1860s and 1870s

Mother’s Day For Peace

Ann Jarvis, a peace activist, died giving her daughter the inspiration to celebrate a day to honor her mother. During this year, Anna Jarvis started the campaign to make Mother’s Day a recognized event and holiday.


Recognition Of Mother’s Day

Ann Jarvis and Julia Ward Howe, two female peace activists, ideate a holiday 'Mothers Day For Peace' wherein mothers would come out, demanding that their spouses and sons no longer be part of war and suffering.


The First Prayer

Anna Jarvis was able to host her first prayer service for Mother's Day in St. Andrews Methodist Church, in West Virginia.


Official Recognition

The US Congress officially recognized the Mother’s Day holiday.


The First Celebrations

Mother's Day was celebrated for the first time in Poland in 1923.

Traditions And Customs

One of the most popular Polish Mother’s Day traditions is the making of Laurki by children to give to their mothers. Laurki is a piece of paper that children decorate with personal notes or messages as well as flowers.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Mother’s Day Poland

Mothers Day or Dzień Matki can be celebrated in many ways. Some suggestions include buying gifts or cakes for your mother, organizing special events like family dinners, helping mom with chores and tasks, and most importantly, the family should make an effort to bring a smile to her face.

Facts And Stats

  • Before World War II, Poland’s Mother’s Day celebration was not very popular.
  • While the day is not a public holiday, schools help children make Laurki.
  • This day is celebrated all across Poland, with people holding various events around the country.

FAQs About Mother's Day Poland

Why is Mother's Day in Poland different?

Mother’s Day in every country is different. In Poland, it is a little different because of the way it is celebrated. Children prepare Laurki which does not exist in many other countries.

What date is Mother’s Day Poland 2021?

 Mother’s Day in Poland is always celebrated on the same date, which is May 26.

What is the importance of Mother’s Day in Poland?

In Poland, Mother’s Day is not a public holiday, however, it is still very important because it celebrates all mothers.

How do people celebrate Mother’s Day in Poland?

Polish people prepare a Laurki, buy cakes, flowers, gifts, the family spends time together and organizes events for their mother on this special day.

What is the history and origins of Mother’s Day in Poland?

There is not much known about the history of Polish Mother’s Day, except that it was started in 1923 in Krakow and became popular during and after World War II.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
May 25, 2020 Monday
May 25, 2021 Tuesday
May 25, 2022 Wednesday
May 25, 2023 Thursday
May 25, 2024 Saturday

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