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National Brave Day

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Where is National Brave Day celebrated?

This day as the name itself suggests, is celebrated nationally in the USA every fourth Friday in September, to encourage women to continue making brave decisions and to support women in general.

Who is National Brave Day celebrated by?

This day isn't celebrated by a certain community or isn't religion-based. It can be celebrated by anyone.

When did National Brave Day first start?

The history of this day dates back to the last Friday of September 2017, to celebrate women. It was started to serve a purpose in honoring women like Kaci Stewart for all their attributions.

Most of the time every women's hard work goes unnoticed, and is often underappreciated. Hence this day that honors women is a great way to commemorate them in every way possible. It is not necessarily celebrated for only those who went through tragedies, but also those who go through daily struggles.

Who started National Brave Day?

It was started by Sweetlife women to honor every other woman from different communities, generations, and lifestyles. Like their founder Kaci Stewart, it celebrates women with different life experiences and to show support with small little gestures.

National Brave Day should be celebrated all over the world.

History And Timeline

Various events and organizations have been held globally around the world to celebrate women, but National Brave Day was only introduced recently.


National Woman Suffrage Association

The Woman Suffrage Association was formed for women to work for women's suffrage in the USA by its main leaders, Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth C. Staton.


Contraceptive Pills

Contraceptive pills for women first became available to purchase.


Women's Strike For Equality

Betty Friedan led many strikes at this time, one of which was the women's strike for equality to spread awareness about gender discrimination against women.


Women's Legal Right

The Supreme Court of the US declared the constitution would protect the legal right of a woman's decision to abortion.


First Brave Day

National Brave dDy was first founded and celebrated by Sweetlife women to support the lives, bravery, and more of women.

Traditions And Customs

Women and people uplift, empower and motivate each other on this day.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Brave Day

To enjoy and recognize National Brave Day, contact all the females you know in your friendship groups or from your family. Listen to their worries, say a few motivational and empowering words, and this might rescue someone from a dark place.

Facts And Stats

  • Discrimination against women has been an ongoing thing for a long time. Therefore, the foundation of this day's sole purpose was women supporting women and raising awareness of how we can all support and recognize one another.
  • It's celebrated every year on the fourth Friday in September. You can even post a picture on social media to make other people aware of National Brave Day.
  • This day gives hope to women all across the world.

FAQs About National Brave Day

Which national day is on September 24?

National Brave Day was celebrated on September 24, 2021.

Is September 24 a special day?

National Brave Day is celebrated the last Friday in September. Last year, it was celebrated on September 24.

What is the significance of National Brave Day?

The significance of this day is to guide and lift up women.

How do people celebrate National Brave Day?

This day is celebrated by friends, family, and even strangers honoring women's achievements.

Who started National Brave Day and when?

Sweetlife women started this day in 2017.

In which countries do they celebrate National Brave Day?

This day is celebrated in the United States of America.

What is the history & origins of the National Brave Day?

This day was started in order to empower females like Kaci Stewart who was the founder of Sweetlife women.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
September 24, 2020 Thursday
September 23, 2021 Thursday
September 22, 2022 Thursday
September 21, 2023 Thursday
September 26, 2024 Thursday

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