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National Cherry Popsicle Day

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Where is National Cherry Popsicle Day celebrated?

National Cherry Popsicle Day is celebrated across the United States.

Who is National Cherry Popsicle Day celebrated by?

National Cherry Popsicle Day is a fun celebration enjoyed by kids, families, and ice cream sellers across the country.

When did National Cherry Popsicle Day first start?

When National Cherry Popsicle Day was first initiated as a celebration remains a mystery.

Who started National Cherry Popsicle Day?

National Cherry Popsicle Day's founders are unknown.

Frank Epperson is credited with the invention of this delicious frozen treat.

History And Timeline

Popsicles have been keeping everyone cool and happy for many years. But who invented this frozen treat? Celebrate National Cherry Popsicle Day by learning about the history of the popsicle.


Popsicle's Invention

11-year-old Frank Epperson unknowingly gave the world a frozen treat when he left a glass filled with soda and a stirring stick on his porch. The low temperatures in San Fransisco froze the drink, and voila! The popsicle was born.


Epsicle Is Born

Around 20 years later, Frank Epperson started selling his creation under the name 'Epsicle'. But his children convince him eventually to change the name to Pop's sicle.


Commercial Selling

Epperson partnered with the Joe Lowe Company of New York for mass production of the popsicle.


Brand Mascot

Popsicle Pete, a cartoon boy, was created to become the mascot of the brand. He continues to be the mascot of popsicle five decades later.


Popsicle Brand Is Sold

Good Humor, a subsidiary of Unilever, purchased the Popsicle brand.

Traditions And Customs

National Cherry Popsicle Day is a great day to go to the nearest ice cream parlor and enjoy the original cherry popsicle. No specific traditions and customs exist for the celebration of this special day.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Cherry Popsicle Day

National Cherry Popsicle Day can be observed by enjoying this flavorful summertime staple alone or with friends. You can also prepare your own cherry popsicles by following recipes easily available in cookbooks and food blogs.

Facts And Stats

  • National Cherry Popsicle Day shares its date with the birthday of 'Home Alone' star Macaulay Culkin. Why not spend this day rewatching the 'Home Alone' franchise with your friends and family while having a cherry popsicle stick?
  • August 26 is also Women's Equality Day in the US.
  • Many people share their cherry popsicle moments and recipes online through social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook on this day! What are you waiting for?

FAQs About National Cherry Popsicle Day

Why is it National Cherry Popsicle Day?

National Cherry Popsicle Day is a day to celebrate popsicle's favorite flavor; cherry.


Who invented the popsicle?

The popsicle was invented by an 11-year-old boy called Frank Epperson. He did so accidentally by leaving a cup filled with soda and a stirrer out on a cold winter night. The next day he found a frozen confectionery on a stick. The product was originally called an epsicle; later, it was changed to the now-familiar name of popsicle.

What is the significance of National Cherry Popsicle Day?

National Cherry Popsicle Day is significant as it celebrated the discovery of a summertime staple confectionary. The cherry popsicle is considered the favorite among the available popsicle flavors.

Are popsicles healthier than ice cream?

First of all, both are delicious frozen treats enjoyed by everyone, especially in summer. The only reason popsicles can be deemed healthier than ice cream is due to the low fat count. This means you will gain fewer calories by eating popsicles as compared to ice cream.

What is the most popular flavor of popsicles?

According to the brand, the most popular is the cherry-flavored ice pop.

Why do kids love Cherry Popsicle Day?

Kids love Cherry Popsicle Day as on this day, they get to enjoy this frozen treat on a stick without reservations. They get to share this frozen treat with their friends.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
August 26, 2020 Wednesday
August 26, 2021 Thursday
August 26, 2022 Friday
August 26, 2023 Saturday
August 26, 2024 Monday

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