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National Children's Craft Day

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Where is National Children's Craft Day celebrated?

The day is celebrated all over the United States.

Who is National Children's Craft Day celebrated by?

Children's Craft Day is observed by kids and parents who love engaging in exciting activities related to art & craft.

When did National Children's Craft Day first start?

Nothing is known about when the day started.

Who started National Children's Craft Day?

No records reveal the person or community who commenced National Children's Craft Day.

Kids engage in different arts and crafts activities on this day across the country.

History And Timeline

It is no secret that craft skills expand a child's imagination and creative potential. Thus, it can be gauged how important it is to put the child to build stuff using their ideas and design things in their way.

However, there are no traces of the person who rolled this day to highlight the subject further. In 2018, the duke and duchess of Sussex, while on their tour to Australia, were presented with a unique handmade necklace by a child. It had a gold-colored pasta as a pendant with a black-beaded chain. The kid's creativity flaunted the duchess right away, and the artist child rose to fame. It is said he even established a company for pasta lockets. The boy is named Gavin Hazelwood.

2500 BCE

Earliest Pottery Crafts

A statue, 'Ram Caught in A Thicket,' an intricate craft piece made of shells, lapis lazuli, and gold, was found.

2500 BCE

Greek Ceramics Rise

Island Crete began producing ceramic items as per archaeological findings at Knossos & Gortyn.

6200 BCE

Copper Crafts In Anatolia

Copper became highly available in Anatolia and was smelted to craft different items.


Meghan Markle's Pasta Necklace

Six-year-old boy named Gavin Hazelwood offered Meghan a pasta pendent. He later went viral and kicked off his own company of pasta necklaces.


Virtual Sessions

Children across the country engaged in enjoyable craft activities on National Children's Craft Day.

Traditions And Customs

Folks observe the day to pull children back from the virtual world. Teachers and parents foster children to forsake TV sets and devices and engage in fun craft activities.

Ways To Celebrate National Children's Craft Day

You can spend quality time with your kids and together make some craftwork. You can post pictures of your child's creation on social media using the hashtag of the day. Visit a museum on this day to inspire your kids to take up arts and crafts as a hobby in school and let their creativity flow.

Spread the word about the importance of crafting benefits on the internet. Most importantly, have fun!

You can also organize an arts and crafts day at your home where you invite kids from your neighborhood and family to participate in a range of fun activities.

Facts And Stats

  • Children passionately craft DIY jewelry and embroidery projects on this national day.
  • Schools arrange competitions on art and craft to endorse creativity in kids on National Children's Craft Day and up their creativity skill level.
  • Kids across the country enjoy celebrations on this day.
  • National Children's Craft Day is celebrated annually on March 14.

FAQs About National Children's Craft Day

Who started National Children's Craft Day?

Nothing is known about the founder.

When is National Children's Craft Day?

It is celebrated on March 14, annually.

What is the significance of National Children's Craft Day?

The day motivates children to engage in arts and craft projects and work out their creative side.

How do people celebrate National Children's Craft Day?

Schools arrange craft competitions for children, and parents are also involved in craft-making.

Why do people celebrate National Children's Craft Day?

People celebrate the day to promote and uphold children's creativity and awareness through exciting craft activities.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
March 14, 2020 Saturday
March 14, 2021 Sunday
March 14, 2022 Monday
March 14, 2023 Tuesday
March 14, 2024 Thursday

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