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National Dog Mom Day

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Where is National Dog Mom Day celebrated? 

National Dog Mom Day is celebrated by women pet parents of the USA.

Who is National Dog Mom Day celebrated by?

National Dog Mom Day is a celebration by all the pup mommas, future pup mothers, and foster dog mothers.

When did National Dog Mom Day first start?

 National Dog Mom's Day was started in the year 2018.

Who started National Dog Mom Day?

 National Dog Mom's Day was started by a dog person's dating application called Dig.

Fur babies are no less than kids to their moms.

History And Timeline

Dog moms are worthy of honor. The day is about recognizing the struggle in the lives of a dog mom raising her pup-like child.

40,000-20,000 B.C.

Divergence Of Genetics

It was in this period that a portion of wolves gradually evolved into dogs.


Discovery Of Earliest Remains

During the first world war, the oldest canine skeleton was found dating back millions of years.


Petition For Day's Recognition

It was in the year 2018 when Dig (dog person's dating app), first initiated a petition in hopes to recognize and reward all current dog moms, foster dog moms as well as future dog moms.


Dog Mom Day Recognized

It was only later in 2018 when National Dog Mom Day was first officially registered on the national calendar.

August 26

Day Dedicated To Dogs

The main aim of International Dog Day is to encourage people to adopt more dogs.

Traditions And Customs

 The only tradition or custom of this day is to pamper yourself along with your furry and lovely pup child.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Dog Mom Day 

This day is more about pampering yourself than pampering your dog. You have earned it. There are several exciting ways through which one can observe or celebrate National Dog Mom Day.

Nothing comes close to cuddling your loved ones, especially if they are cute and furry!

A pedicure is a great way to chill out and celebrate. Take this day of rest and relaxation for you and your pet pooch.

Facts And Stats

  • The second Saturday of the month of May every year has been officially dedicated to dog mommas as National Dog Mom Day.
  • National Dog Mom's Day in New York City and New Orleans get a chance to celebrate Dig's events with drinks and treats.
  • Dog Mom's Day is a little less about spoiling the fur kids and a little more about pampering the dog moms.

FAQs About National Dog Mom Day

Is today National Dog Mom Day 2021?

2021's National Dog Mom Day was celebrated on May 8.

Do dog moms get Mother's Day?

Yes, dog moms get a very special Mother's Day. It is celebrated during the second Saturday of the month of May.

What day is Dog Dad Day?

Much like Dog Moms Day, Dog Dad's Day is about celebrating the dads of the dogs, who love their fur babies like their kids.

Who encouraged the celebration of National Dog Mom Day?

The celebration of this day was encouraged by Dig to thank and celebrate all the dog moms for their incredible support and efforts for their pups.

Why there is a lot of buzz about National Dog Mom Day?

It has a lot of buzz because of the people's demand to recognize this special, visceral, and different kind of purity of love. Another primary reason is the immense efforts taken by Dig and its team who are really passionate about dogs.

How do families celebrate National Dog Mom Day?

Families celebrate National Dog Mom Day in several exciting ways, such as extra cuddles, pedicures with their paw pal, and taking a break from the regular hustle-bustle with their fur baby.

Who devised National Dog Mom Day?

The dog mom's day was devised by the founders of Dig, a dating app that helps to connect dog lovers and dog owners to their potentially perfect partners.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
May 07, 2020 Thursday
May 07, 2021 Friday
May 07, 2022 Saturday
May 07, 2023 Sunday
May 07, 2024 Tuesday

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