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National Dumpling Day

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Where is National Dumpling Day celebrated?  

National Dumpling day is celebrated in the USA to honor the goodness of dumplings, one of the world's most commonly eaten food.

Who is National Dumpling Day celebrated by?

 The dumpling lovers of the USA celebrate this holiday by eating a lot of dumplings!

When did National Dumpling Day first start?

National Dumpling Day was first observed on September 26, 2015, and was listed in the National Day Calendar.

Who started National Dumpling Day?

TMI Group, a leading manufacturer of Asian food products in the USA, proposed this holiday to spread the word about the goodness of dumplings!

The Chinese have been making dumplings for over 1,000 years!

History And Timeline

Dumplings came to the USA from China and have a fascinating history. Cooking and eating have symbolic meanings in Chinese culture. Eating different types of dumplings for lunch symbolizes togetherness and completeness! Let's read more on that.

1,800 years ago

Origin Of Dumplings

Dumplings first originated in China almost 1,800 years ago. The first dumplings were boiled dough with fillings of chicken or pork.

First Century AD

First Dumpling Recipe

The first dumpling recipe is found in a Roman cookbook called 'Apicius'. The recipe is known as 'Isicia plena', also called 'dumplings of pheasants', written in Latin. It is a meal of boiled dumplings in red wine sauce.


Founding Of The TMI Food Group

TMI Food Group, which started this holiday, was founded in 1989 by Joseph and Terry Tang. At that time, the group was known as 'Twin Marquis' and functioned as a small noodle shop in Chinatown. But they were hugely popular and served food of the highest quality.


TMI Food Group In America

In 2007, TMI Food Group opened its branch in the USA and became the first Asian food products manufacturer in the country. They were no longer just a noodle shop and prepared large quantities of dumplings, dim sums, and other Asian appetizers.

Traditions And Customs

Dumplings are a traditional dish and have been on the menu for over 1,000 years! On this holiday, you can eat dumplings in the traditional way. In China, dumplings are usually steamed or fried and eaten with a side of sauce. The sauce has chili oil and soy sauce in it.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Dumpling Day

Dumplings provide wholesome goodness. Celebrate this day by inviting your friends over for a dumpling party! Serve an entire meal of dumplings, starting with dim sum soup and appetizers, and then a dumpling-based main course. You can try cooking an authentic dumpling recipe or experiment with something new. You can also visit a Chinese restaurant; they all serve the best dumplings! Don't forget to post pictures on social media!

Facts And Stats

  • National Dumpling Day coincides with National Pancake Day, which is also celebrated on September 26.
  • Every culture has its own variety of dumplings. For example, the USA has apple dumplings, Vietnam has bahn bot loc, India has modak and Japan has gyoza. This means all people can celebrate National Dumpling Day!
  • National Dumpling Day should not be confused with National Apple Dumpling Day, which is celebrated on September 17.

FAQs About National Dumpling Day

Is there a National Dumpling Day?

Yes, and it is celebrated every year on September 26. 

Who invented dumplings?

It is very difficult to pinpoint the person who invented dumplings, but the dish originated in China and is more than 1,800 years old!

What is the significance of National Dumpling Day?

This holiday is to spread the word about the history of dumplings and to indulge in these doughy pockets of goodness which can be eaten as appetizers or as a main course. 

How is National Dumpling Day different from National Apple Dumpling Day?

Apple dumpling is a sweet made with apples and fillings of butter and flour. National Apple Day is to celebrate these sweet treats. On the other hand, National Dumpling Day celebrates all types of dumplings, which are mostly savory items. 

Why do people love National Dumpling Day?

People love National Dumpling Day as they can cook their favorite dumpling recipe, or visit a Chinese restaurant that serves the best dumplings!

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
September 26, 2020 Saturday
September 26, 2021 Sunday
September 26, 2022 Monday
September 26, 2023 Tuesday
September 26, 2024 Thursday

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