National Garfield The Cat Day
June 18, 2022

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National Garfield the Cat Day celebrates the famous cat character Garfield.


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If you are a fan of the Garfield comic strip, then you need to Celebrate National Garfield the Cat Day.

Garfield is a fictional comic strip character created by Jim Davis.

Jim Davis named the character after his grandfather, James Garfield Davis, who got his name from the U.S. president, James Garfield. He also incorporated his grandfather's dog named Odie as a character in the comic strip, as a dog of Jon Arbuckle. People widely loved this comic strip, and it also had an animated television show based on the comic strip. If you also love 'Garfield and Friends', learn about National Garfield the Cat Day, celebrated annually on June 19.

Keep reading this article to learn some cool and interesting facts about the day. Make sure to share these cool facts with someone who isn't aware of the day. So, without any further ado, let's jump into it.


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Where is National Garfield The Cat Day celebrated?

The day is mainly celebrated in the U.S. But any fan of this comic around the globe can celebrate this day.

Who celebrates the National Garfield The Cat Day?

This day is celebrated by fans of the cartoon strip Garfield and all cat lovers.

When did National Garfield The Cat Day first start?

The day first started on June 19, 1998, which was the 20th anniversary of the comic strip dedicated to celebrating Garfield.

Who started National Garfield The Cat Day?

The day is essentially Garfield's birthday. It was started by a woman named Wanda Thayer.

Celebrate the fictional character Garfield with your family.

History and Timeline

Let us look at some historical facts about cats and Garfield.

7500 B.C.

Domestication Of Cats

Cats were domesticated by humans around this time. They were also worshipped in Ancient Egypt.

June 19, 1978.

Publication Of Garfield.

Jim Davis published the first comic strip of Garfield the Cat on this day. The feline ginger friend easily became everyone's favorite.

September 17, 1988.

'Garfield and Friends' Aired

On this day in 1988, the first episode of the Garfield animated series titled 'Garfield and Friends' first aired.

June 19, 1998.

National Garfield The Cat Day Initiated.

At a Garfield birthday party in the year 1998, it was officially stated that this day would be celebrated as National Garfield the Cat Day. Not just to celebrate Garfield but all the friendly felines of the world.

June 11, 2004.

The First Garfield Movie Came Out

The first Garfield movie titled 'Garfield: The Movie' was released on this day. The sequel, 'Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties' was released in 2006.

Traditions and Customs

On this day, people celebrate the birthday of Garfield, the fictional ginger feline. They enjoy it as a dress-up day, read the cartoon strip, or watch the series.

Ways to Observe or Celebrate National Garfield The Cat Day

There are many ways to celebrate Garfield the Cat Day and also celebrate the other cute felines in our lives. You can celebrate the cheeky cat by showing off your artistic skills and making some fan art. You can give lots of love to your own domesticated cats. You can also donate to your local charity that works with stray animals and eat Garfield's favorite food, lasagna. You can also enjoy this day by doing nothing and being purposefully lazy like Garfield.

Facts and Stats

  • Many people share a lot of witty Garfield quotes on this day over social media.
  • On this day, you can pick up one of the cookbooks dedicated to Garfield like 'Garfield-Recipes with Cattitude' and make some delicious recipes!
  • Since this is also Juneteenth Day and thus, a Federal holiday in the U.S., it seems to be an added bonus for Garfield fans to celebrate this day while also celebrating the diverse culture of America.

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