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National Gorilla Suit Day

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Where is National Gorilla Suit Day celebrated?

National Gorilla Suit Day is partially celebrated in the US every year by fans of Mad Magazine.

Who is National Gorilla Suit Day celebrated by?

National Gorilla Suit Day is celebrated every year by fans of Mad Magazine and Don Martin by dressing up in a gorilla suit. But the day can be celebrated by anyone if you love dressing up in a gorilla suit.

When did National Gorilla Suit Day first start?

This non-public holiday was proposed in 1963 by a Mad Magazine artist based on a 1963 comic strip.

Who started National Gorilla Suit Day?

National Gorilla Suit Day was created by Mad Magazine artist Don Martin for a 1963 comic strip collection. A character mocks the holiday and is then assaulted by gorillas and people in gorilla suits.

Suit up and joyfully celebrate the gorilla suits on National Gorilla Suit Day.

History And Timeline

Learn about the history of the gorilla suits and their appearances in the media below.


First Appearance

The first gorilla suit appeared in Noah Brooks' short story, 'Mr. Columbus Coriander's Gorilla' in 1869. The story featured a young man employed at a menagerie dressed in a gorilla suit. The story was released in Bret Harte's Overland Monthly Magazine.


Ape Suit In Movies

The first appearance of an ape suit on the big screen where an uncredited actor wears an ape suit for the silent movie 'Tarzan of the Apes.'  


First Gorilla Suit Sold

The first handmade gorilla suit was sold in 1920 by Carlos Cruz Gemora. Carlos was a Hollywood make-up artist who studied real gorillas from the San Diego Zoo to design authentic suits.


National Gorilla Suit Day

In 1963, an artist from Mad Magazine, Don Martin, proposed the idea of National Gorilla Suit Day in his comic story collection, 'Don Martin Bounces Back,' where a fictitious character in his tale mocks the concept of National Gorilla Suit Day. Subsequently, his fans started celebrating the day on January 31 every year.

March 20, 1980


In 1980, a gift message called the 'gorillagram' was introduced, in which the message was delivered by a performer dressed in a gorilla suit. Gorilla-Gram was first used commercially on March 20, 1980.

Traditions And Customs

At some point in our lives, most of us may have seen physical similarities with a gorilla or wished to imitate a gorilla, given our long ancestral history with them. Imagine how wonderful it will be to see you in the gorilla suit. So if you love resembling gorillas, then you've got an official celebration day on the calendar just to dress up like one. Get up, suit up, and party like our animal friends.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Gorilla Suit Day

The best way to celebrate the day is to suit up like a gorilla suit. Visit the costume store, grab the perfect gorilla suits from the shop, wear them and prank people or make funny moves in front of your family and friends.

Celebrate the day for fun and learn about the gorilla and gorilla suits. Host a jungle-themed costume party and wear a gorilla suit. Don't forget to share your gorilla suit pictures on social media using the hashtag #GorillaSuitDay.

Get an original story collection of 'Don Martin Bounces Back' that featured the gorilla suits to honor the day's creation.

Facts And Stats

  • Bristol Palin, in his performance 'Hey Hey We're The Monkees,' on 'Dancing with the Stars' wore a gorilla suit featuring the day. Why not do the same and try your gorilla suits for this Halloween?
  • National Gorilla Suit Day hasn't been around nearly as long as gorillas have been! The oldest known gorilla fossils date back to 20 million years ago.
  • In addition to the Don Martin Bounces Back story that featured National Gorilla Suit Day, the artist has released various collections of stories in Mad Magazines. Why not explore the rest of the Don Martin collection for more laughs?

FAQs About National Gorilla Suit Day

Who invented the concept of National Gorilla Suit Day?

It was invented by Mad Magazine artist Don Martin for a 1963 comic strip that featured gorilla suits.

What are some reasons for celebrating National Gorilla Suit Day?

Gorillas are beautiful animals and exciting, so suiting up as gorillas is surely fun. Besides, it's fun to make time for little irrelevant dreams we had when we were children.

What are some events related to National Gorilla Suit Day?

A similar event is celebrated on September 24: World Gorilla Day.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
January 31, 2020 Friday
January 31, 2021 Sunday
January 31, 2022 Monday
January 31, 2023 Tuesday
January 31, 2024 Wednesday

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