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National Grandma Moses Day

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Where is National Grandma Moses Day celebrated?

The United States celebrates National Grandma Moses Day

Who is National Grandma Moses Day celebrated by?

People in the United States celebrate National Grandma Moses Day.

When did National Grandma Moses Day first start?

National Grandma Moses Day was first celebrated on September 7, 1960

Who started National Grandma Moses Day?

New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller started National Grandma Moses Day.

Grandma Moses Day is an official day and was added to the national calendar.

History And Timeline

Arthritis made it difficult for Anna Mary Robertson Moses to use embroidery needles. She never gave up and turned painting into her creative outlet. Grandma Moses' painting career started in her 70s. Her paintings depict the country life and small town that appealed to many people. Her artwork was displayed at the local drugstore, which was noticeable to travelers. One day, an amateur art collector discovered her beautiful work, and eventually, this discovery led to a one-woman show.


Birth Of Anna Mary Robertson Moses

Anna Mary Robertson was born to Margaret Shanahan Robertson and Russell King Robertson in New York.


Paintings Adopted On Christmas Cards

Grandma Moses' paintings were used in 1946 on Christmas cards that brought her works to a larger audience.


Appeared As Cover-Girl 

As Grandma Moses turned 100 years old, she got featured on the front cover of 'Life' in the September edition. 


Declared As Holiday

Nelson Rockefeller proclaimed September 7 as National Grandma Moses Day and declared it an official holiday.


Highest Selling Price

Grandma Moses' painting 'Sugaring off' became her highest-selling piece with the price of $1.2 million.

Traditions And Customs

Grandma Moses' paintings illustrate daily farm activities. Her paintings present highly creative activities. They are three-dimensional and use yarn sewn with embroidery needles. As an example of commercialized art, the paintings of Grandma Moses were turned into salable products that included fabrics, tiles, and greeting cards and were marketed to sell coffee, cigarettes, and lipstick. As a child, Moses studied at a one-room school. That school is now the Bennington Museum in Vermont, with the largest collection of her works in the United States. Her works inspired many people to turn painting into a hobby. On this day, in celebration of Mother Moses, teach today's generations about art and the famous artworks on show around the world.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Grandma Moses Day

Despite being of advanced age, Grandma Moses defeated all odds and proved herself to the world. So on this great day, take some time out and visit the museum and learn more about her artworks. Create some decorative art about her life history, search for her works, and know why she was loved so much as a talented artist. Make a new hobby of painting and show the world your hidden talents. Also, some read books on her life to get inspiration.

Facts And Stats

  • Grandma Moses' life has become an inspiration to all generations and proved that age is just a number.
  • Bennington Museum holds a gallery art exhibition with the largest collection of Grandma Moses' work. Many people visit this place on this special day.
  • Grandma Moses' work was put up for auction many times. They were always sold at high prices between $10-$1.2 million.
  • Grandma Moses had followers all over the globe.

FAQs About National Grandma Moses Day

What is the significance of Grandma Moses Day?

It is a day to remember the inspirational life story of Grandma Moses and visit the art museum where her famous folk art is on display.

Was Grandma Moses American?

Yes, Grandma Moses was an American folk artist.

Is Grandma Moses still alive?

No Grandma Moses died in 1961.

How did Grandma Moses get her nickname?

It was given by an art collector, Louis J. Caldor.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
September 07, 2020 Monday
September 07, 2021 Tuesday
September 07, 2022 Wednesday
September 07, 2023 Thursday
September 07, 2024 Saturday

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