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National HIV Testing Day

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Where is National HIV Testing Day observed?  

On June 27, this day is observed across the USA as a reminder to know your HIV status.

Who is National HIV Testing Day observed by?

Every year, this day urges individuals to be tested for HIV. According to the CDC, anybody between the ages of 13 and 64 should be checked for HIV at least once as part of routine medical treatment. People who are at greater risk should be tested more frequently.

When did National HIV Testing Day first start?

This day was first commemorated on June 27, 1995, to urge individuals to be tested for HIV, learn their status, and get connected to control, care, and treatment.

Who started National HIV Testing Day?

 The National Association of People with AIDS established this day in 1995 to encourage HIV testing and distribute the 'Take the Test, Take Control' message across the country.

Services can help people survive.

History And Timeline

Approximately 1.2 million persons in the USA have HIV, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Testing is the first step in living a healthy life and preventing the transmission of HIV in those who have not been tested with the virus.


19th Century

Cause Of AIDS Identified

HIV caused AIDS, according to a team of French and American experts. Dr. Robert Gallo co-discovered HIV and was the first to isolate the virus in a lab effectively.

March 2, 1985

Modern HIV Test Out

An enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, or ELISA test, has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

April 1985

New Report

According to a 'TIME' magazine article, dread of tainted blood is widespread, even though only 142 out of 9600 HIV-positive Americans got the virus due to a blood transfusion during the HIV epidemic.


Founding Of New Drug

The Food and Medicine Administration has approved the use of AZT, a novel experimental drug that strengthens patients' immune systems.


Founding Of The Day

The National Association of Individuals with AIDS organizes a day to encourage people to be tested for HIV.


A Ray Of Hope

Timothy Ray Brown, once regarded as a Berlin patient (and the only person also to be cured of HIV four years prior), now goes by his own name.

Traditions And Customs

NHTD is a day dedicated to encouraging individuals to be tested for HIV, whether they are considered high risk or not, learn their HIV status, and connect with care and treatment. Every year has a unique theme. The theme for 2021 stressed that HIV testing might be done in various methods and venues, including at home with a self-test. Partners can modify a slogan as they see fit.

Ways To Observe National HIV Testing Day

Contribute to the reduction of stigma and support for HIV testing. Get tested as part of routine health care (the CDC recommends it for anybody aged 13-64) and spread the word about HIV testing on social media.

The National Association of People With AIDS (NAPWA) disseminates literature and information on the various methods to promote information about HIV and AIDS among ourselves. This day also urges us to learn more about HIV testing and when it is appropriate and get a broader understanding of the virus and how to manage it. When outside visits are not possible or restricted, some information concentrates on self-testing.

If you are fit and willing, vaccination firms may be looking for volunteers to participate in their clinical trials. This clinical research might pave the way for developing novel medicines for HIV AIDS.

 Facts And Stats

  • This day is observed on June 27 every year to urge individuals to be tested for HIV. HIV self-tests are the only way to determine if you have the virus.
  • The nationwide HIV testing and prevention campaign in 2021 had the theme 'My Test, My Way' to encourage people to test for HIV, discover their HIV status, and spread awareness. 'My Test, My Way' stresses that HIV testing may be done in various ways and places, including at home with a self-test.
  • Doctors on this day also recommend HIV self-tests, which are typically accurate for long-term infections. Still, they aren't always precise for the prevention of recent HIV infections acquired within the last several weeks.

FAQs About National HIV Testing Day

What is the importance of National HIV Testing Day?

This day is dedicated to encouraging individuals to be tested for HIV AIDS, learn their status, prevention, and connect with care and treatment.

How is National HIV Testing Day different from National Native HIV Aids Awareness Day?

NNHAAD raises understanding, initiates dialogues, and shines a light on the work done to control HIV AIDS among American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians. While the other is about getting self-testing done.

What is the history and origin of National HIV Testing Day?

This day was first commemorated on June 27, 1995, to urge individuals to be tested for HIV, learn their status, and get connected to care and treatment.

How does this day affect people psychologically/emotionally?

This day helps people cope with the stress caused due to the diagnosis of HIV infection and improves one's mental health.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
June 27, 2020 Saturday
June 27, 2021 Sunday
June 27, 2022 Monday
June 27, 2023 Tuesday
June 27, 2024 Thursday

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