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National Kids And Pets Day

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Where is National Kids And Pets Day celebrated?  

National Kids And Pets Day is celebrated in the USA annually to recognize the affinity kids and pets share.

Who is National Kids And Pets Day celebrated by?

 National Kids And Pets Day can be celebrated by anyone who is a pet lover. It is also a day to be treasured in learning how children share a special bond with their pets on this special day.

When did National Kids And Pets Day first start?

National Kids And Pets Day started in the year 2005.

Who started National Kids And Pets Day?

National Kids And Pets Day was started by Colleen Paige, one of the USA's renowned pet and family lifestyle connoisseurs.

Let's create awareness among people to adopt pets from animal shelters.

History And Timeline

Colleen Paige was the creator of National Kids And Pets Day, which started in 2005. She was a former Emergency Medical Technician who always liked pet animals. She is also a popular celebrity in the U.S. who is also a loving mother, pet lover, and lifestyle expert. Moreover, she founded many other days like National Pet Day, National Dog Day, National Puppy Day, etc. The main motto behind National Kids And Pets Day is to raise awareness among people about the difficulty and challenges faced by animals living at shelters and, of course, to stress the importance of giving the right pet animal to your child as a parent.

19th Century

Owning Pets As Animals

People started keeping pets at home during the Victorian era, which was considered a status symbol.


Deborah Barnes

Deborah Barnes is a famous author known for award-winning books like 'A Cat's Tale Of Life,' 'The Chronicles Of Zee And Zoey' and many more. On this day, she shared some pictures of her precious moments spent with children by reading her cat stories and how they enjoyed it.


APPA Pet Ownership Statistics

The American Pet Products Association estimated that around 35% of the USA population owns cats as their pets, and nearly 44% of the people have dogs as their pets.


Teddy's Safety Tips

Teddy the Dog, a famous clothing store, shared some useful tips on this day to prevent children and pets from hurting each other.


ASPCA's Sheltered Animal Statistics

These estimates suggested that around 2.1 million pets are adopted every year in the USA, i.e. 2 million dogs and 2.1 million cats.

Traditions And Customs

The tradition to be followed on this day is to take pictures of your child(ren) and pet(s). That way you can revisit these photos later and see how much they have grown up.

Ways To Celebrate National Kids And Pets Day

 Spend time with your children by watching animal movies or visiting a zoo to have quality time with them.

You can also make some safe pet snacks for your four-legged best buddy on this day.

Facts And Stats

  • The Animal Rescue Association posted a blog on April 26, 2019, about choosing the right pet for your family. On this day, present a pet to your neighbourhood children to teach them the values of friendship, responsibility, and empathy.
  • Devon Apodaca, the humane society's executive director, published an article on IVP on this day. He said that people could use this day to rescue pet animals from their local shelters.
  • The Puppy Up Foundation posted a blog on April 26, 2018 to educate young children on how to bond with and take care of their pets.

FAQs About National Kids And Pets Day

What is the importance of National Kids And Pets Day?

The importance of this day is to raise awareness for people to choose the right pet for their family.

How is National Kids And Pets Day different from National Pet Day?

National Kids And Pets Day is celebrated to highlight the bond kids and pets share, whereas National Pet Day is dedicated only to pets looking for the shelter they deserve.

What is the history & origin of National Kids And Pets Day?

Colleen Paige started this Day in 2005 to create awareness.

What is special about National Kids And Pets Day?

This day focuses on how kids and pets can share a lifetime of bonding.

How does this day affect people psychologically/emotionally?

This day affects many of us emotionally in that we shower empathy on abandoned pets.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
April 26, 2020 Sunday
April 26, 2021 Monday
April 26, 2022 Tuesday
April 26, 2023 Wednesday
April 26, 2024 Friday

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