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National Kitten Day

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Where is National Kitten Day celebrated?

This day is essentially celebrated all across America, but anyone can celebrate this day personally if they have a kitten or a cat.

Who is National Kitten Day celebrated by?

This day is celebrated by all animal lovers, especially kitten lovers, even more so when one is an owner of a kitten or some cats.

When did National Kitten Day first start?

National Kitten Day was first observed in 2012. Despite being celebrated twice in December in the beginning, it was shifted to July 10 later on.

Who started National Kitten Day?

The National Kitten Day was started by Colleen Paige, who is an animal advocate and an author and expert at Pet and Family Lifestyle.

Gray tabby kitten sitting on floor.

History And Timelines

The National Kitten Day history goes way back in time and far and wide as we trace how cats came to be the most adored pets all over the globe.

9000-4000 BC

Wildcats Are Tamed

The African cats that had come into Egypt for food became unconscious pets to the people around; Egyptians eventually grew to worship cats.

1000 BC

Cats Are Domesticated

Cats were now domesticated but not publicly and were even sold in secrecy in certain parts of the world.

753 BC-476 AD

Cats As Useful Pets

In the Roman Empire, cats were publicly kept as pets because they could protect important and original manuscripts from rats.


Cats In World War

Cats are adopted by many and even used in World War I for hunting worms and insects and provided mental peace to the soldiers as a pet in trying times.


Establishing Cats Protection

The charity Cats Protection is established, teaching people how to properly take care of a pet, train them and maintain their good health.

Traditions And Customs

Posting a cute picture with your adorable tiny kitten on social media, like Facebook, might now be a tradition in itself for all owners on this day.

To honor this day, people can bring their kittens to their local shelters to have a play-meet of sorts for all kitten owners. You can even persuade a friend or a family member into adopting a kitten or provide help at shelters or local non-profit organizations, like, when a fresh litter comes in or when cats fight. Alternatively, you could also drop in at your pet store and take a few treats for the kittens there, provided the owner allows you to feed them.

Ways to Observe Or Celebrate National Kitten Day

For this day, an owner of one or many kittens spends the day with them, decorating their litter boxes, serving them their favorite food, or offering help at their local shelter. If one doesn't own any pet yet, they can adopt a kitten on this day to make it even more special. Some people even donate money or do volunteer work at shelters like the ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). You could also head down to your nearest local shelter or adoption center and adopt a few kittens and give them a new lease of life.

Other Interesting Facts

  • According to research the American Humane Society conducted, there are 95.6 million kitten and cat owners currently in America.
  • There are 3500 animal shelters in the U.S. that offer kittens for adoption.

FAQs About National Kitten Day

How do you celebrate National Kitten Day?

For this day, an owner of one or many kittens spends the day with their pet offers their help at their local shelter. If you don't own any pet yet, you can adopt a kitten on this very day to make it special.

How are animal lovers promoting National Kitten Day?

Animal lovers prompt other people to adopt or provide help, and volunteer work at adoption centers on this day to encourage the adoption of a kitten or even a grown cat.

Why kids are so excited for National Kitten Day?

Kids naturally love playing with animals, and any child who has grown up with cats or kittens, thus, generally gets excited for this day.

How celebrating National Kitten Day can benefit family life?

The joy kittens bring you is combined with empathy that grows while a person tends and nurtures an animal, as seen with all pet owners, be it cats or dogs. Taking care of something together thus benefits family life.

How cat lovers are promoting National Kitten Day?

Cat lovers promote this day by encouraging the adoption of a kitten instead of buying them.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
July 10, 2020 Friday
July 10, 2021 Saturday
July 10, 2022 Sunday
July 10, 2023 Monday
July 10, 2024 Wednesday

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