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National Lighthouse Day

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Where is National Lighthouse Day celebrated?  

The US Congress recognized the day in honor of lighthouses and it is celebrated all around the US.

Who is National Lighthouse Day celebrated by?

National Lighthouse Day is a nation-specific day. It can be celebrated by anyone from any state in the United States.

When did National Lighthouse Day first start?

The day was recognized during the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the signing of the Act that was commissioned in support of lighthouses. Therefore, August 7, 1989, is recognized as National Lighthouse Day.

Who started National Lighthouse Day?

On August 7, 1989, during the 200th anniversary of the signing of the Act that supports federal lighthouses, buoys, and beacons, Congress passed a resolution that designated this day as National Lighthouse Day.

Tower of Hercules is one of the most impressive constructions in the North of Spain.

History And Timeline

The first known lighthouse dates back to 300 and 280 BC in Pharos, Alexandria, Egypt. But the first lighthouses in America did not come into existence until the 17th century.


First Lighthouse In America

The first lighthouse in the US was built in Boston on Little Brewster Island. The original tower was reconstructed in 1784.


America's Oldest Existing Lighthouse

One of the oldest lighthouses in the US is Sandy Hook, New Jersey, which is still in operation. The lighthouse building was paid for by selling lottery tickets and shipping interest in New York City.


Lighthouse Under Government

The first lighthouse completed under the government of the United States of America was built in 1791: Portland Head Light, in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Initially, the lighthouse construction had been started by the State of Massachusetts under the government of John Hancock.


National Recognition

On August 7 this year, the US celebrated the 200th anniversary of the Congress Act that supports the federal lighthouse; a national recognition day was observed in honor of lighthouses.


Most Expensive Lighthouse

The most expensive lighthouse built in the US costs $715,000. It was named St. George Reef. It took 10 years to construct the courts, starting in 1882 and completing in 1892.

Traditions And Customs

On this day, all lighthouse organizations across the country are encouraged to conduct lighthouse tours, programs, and activities. This is a fitting way to commemorate and spread the importance of America's rich maritime heritage and its historic structures.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Lighthouse Day

Start your day by visiting your nearby lighthouses, and if you are within driving distance of any coast, today is the best day to make a trip to one of the beautiful lighthouses.

The day was recognized to honor and support the lighthouse organization. So, on this day, consider making a small donation to its operating organization to continue providing public access.

Additionally, you can always volunteer for painting or renovation work in the lighthouse. Or take a photograph of a lighthouse and give that to a relative who has a collection of lighthouse postcards.

Facts And Stats

La Coruna in Spain, the oldest lighthouse in existence, dates back to 20 BC, which is older than the existence of National Lighthouse Day.

On August 7, the US Congress signed an Act that supports lighthouse organizations in the country. President George Washington signed the public law, and Sen. John H. Chaffee of Rhode Island sponsored the joint resolution with the House of Representatives, William J. Hughes. Exactly 200 years later, on August 7, 1989, Congress passed a resolution to mark August 7 as National Lighthouse Day.

The US is recognized as the country with the largest number of lighthouses, boasting over 700 lighthouses. No reason would be more convincing for observing a national day for lighthouses in the US.

FAQs About National Lighthouse Day

How do you celebrate Lighthouse Day?

All you need to do is tour lighthouses near you or plan a road trip to lighthouses on every coast and learn about this big day.

What is the purpose of a lighthouse?

Lighthouses are built to serve as navigation aids and warn ships or boats of dangerous areas.

When and where did lighthouses originate?

The first lighthouse in America was in Boston on Little Brewster Island in 1716, which was destroyed and eventually reconstructed in 1784.

How do lighthouses work?

In lighthouses, the system of rotating lenses is replaced by a high-intensity light in a way that widely emits omnidirectional flashes, concentrating the light in time rather than direction.

What is the motto of National Lighthouse Day?

Lighthouses symbolize the historic establishment of lighthouses and their most scenic and majestic views. They have comforted travelers for centuries, guiding them and keeping them safe.

What are some of the advantages of celebrating National Lighthouse Day?

The day aims to recognize the importance of lighthouses in maritime navigation and for providing ships with a safe harbor during bad weather.

What are some events related to National Lighthouse Day? 

National Lighthouse Day shares its day with Purple Heart Day, International Assistance Dog Week, and American Family Day.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
August 07, 2021 Saturday
August 07, 2022 Sunday
August 07, 2023 Monday
August 07, 2024 Wednesday
August 07, 2025 Thursday

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