National Breadstick Day

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Breadstick is an item of food loved by many.

Where is National Breadstick Day celebrated?

National Breadstick Day is an annual event in the United States and is celebrated all over the country.

Who is National Breadstick Day celebrated by?

Restaurants, breadstick lovers, and food enthusiasts celebrate this day every year on the last Friday of October.

When did National Breadstick Day first start?

The history and origin of National Breadstick Day remain a mystery even today.

Who started National Breadstick Day?

The creator of National Breadstick Day is not disclosed in the media.

Baker cooking bread.

History And Timeline

Even though not much is known about National Breadstick Day, breadsticks have a long, exciting, and debatable history. Here, we will see some historical events related to this famous food.

Possible Origin Story

In 1643, a Florentine abbot stated that breadsticks were available in Lanzo Torinese. He described breadsticks as long-shaped, bone-thin pieces of bread.


Another Possible Story

A court physician came up with the idea of breadsticks as a remedy for intestinal disorders. The aim of this invention was to heal Victor Amadeus II of Savoy's intestinal disorders and increase his appetite.

17th century

Foundation Of General Mills

Robert Smith, an Illinois Congressman, established General Mills in 1856. This is the parent company of Olive Garden.


Emergence Of Olive Garden

Olive Garden came into existence in 1982. It began as a unit of General Mills. Its first store opened in Orlando on December 13, 1982.


9 Million Breadsticks

In 2010, the president of Olive Garden, Dave Pickens, spoke with ABC News. In the interview, Pickens revealed that his restaurants serve about 9 million breadsticks per day.


Traditions And Customs

The origin of breadsticks is a topic of much debate. There are multiple stories that describe how the food first emerged. The first one took place in 1643. A Florentine abbot stated that people in Lanzo Torinese make long-shaped, bone-thin pieces of bread.

The second story involves a 9-year-old duke named Victor Amadeus II of Savoy. In the 17th century, the young duke was suffering from intestinal disorders that affected his appetite and physical growth.

A court physician told the duke's mother that the remedy for this illness was homemade bread that would be well-baked, well-leavened, and very crisp. Following this, the physician also asked a local baker to make this remedy. The baker, Antonio Brunero, followed the physician's advice and invented breadsticks.

Breadsticks are one of the most popular foods in the United States. You can find them in many flavors, like onion, garlic, cheese, and salt. Sweetened breadsticks are also quite popular.

You can make this treat using cinnamon sugar. Breadsticks are mostly eaten as an appetizer, along with a sauce or dip. However, you can also pair them with pasta or add them to a soup course.

Ways To Celebrate National Breadstick Day

The best way to celebrate this day is to host a breadstick party at home. Invite your friends and family members to the party and serve them some warm homemade breadsticks. You can also order some breadsticks from your favorite restaurant and eat them with your close ones.

Finally, post something nice on social media to let others know about this event. Your post may encourage them to celebrate the event as well.

Facts And Stats

  • Darden Restaurants, Inc. is the parent organization of Olive Garden. However, the restaurant chain is established by General Mills.
  • This delicious dish was originally known as grissini in Italy.
  • Breadsticks were invented in Piedmont, Italy.

When did breadsticks come out?

Some historical sources claim that breadsticks originated in the 17th century in Italy.


When was the first National Breadstick Day celebrated?

The origin of National Breadstick Day is not known.


What is the purpose of National Breadstick Day?

This famous event aims to celebrate the delicious bread recipe that people have been enjoying for centuries now.


What is the world record for eating breadsticks?

On November 2, 2012, a group of 18 people decided to eat breadsticks at once. They set a record for most people eating breadsticks at once.


Who invented breadsticks?

Some food historians believe that a local baker from Turin named Antonio Brunero invented breadsticks in Piedmont, Italy.


When Is This Day Celebrated

  • Friday, October 31, 2025
  • Friday, October 27, 2023
  • Friday, October 28, 2022
  • Friday, October 29, 2021

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