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National Linguine Day

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Where is National Linguine Day celebrated?  

This day is celebrated in the US.

Who is National Linguine Day celebrated by?

All the pasta lovers in America celebrate this day.

When did National Linguine Day first start?

The National Pasta Association says linguistic (linguini) dates back over 700 years. However, there is no record of when this day began.

Who started National Linguine Day?

Italian food enthusiasts may have created this day to celebrate their favorite pasta type.

Making handmade linguine is part of this national day celebration.

History And Timeline

There are no traces of who began the day, but it's worth celebrating. So here we learn the history of the best Italian recipes, pasta.



National Pasta Association

The National Pasta Association says linguistic (linguini) dates back over 700 years, but the first recorded recipes for the dish were in 1279.


Guilio Giacchero's Description

The similar appearance of linguine initially appeared in Genova from an author's description of a dish. It was known as Trenette (long narrow shape pasta with flat edges), a linguine-like pasta seasoned with pesto, green beans, and potatoes.


Industrial Production

This first pasta production factory was established in Brooklyn, America.

19th Century

Pasta In Every House

During this Century, different varieties of pasta were introduced to America, and chefs have developed quite a variation. It became the most common food in all states of the US.

Late 19th Century

Dried Pasta Introduced

The origin of dried pasta dates back to the 12th Century in Sicily. However, it was introduced in America only during the late 19th Century when immigrants from Italy (from Nepal) relocated to the USA.

Traditions And Customs

September 15 is a day when people can eat one of the world's oldest types of pasta, a sort of pasta whose name means 'small mouths' in English. Linguine is pasta made from flour, water, and eggs. It can be served with various sauces or simply olive oil, fresh basil, and garlic.

Share these delicious linguine recipes with friends on social media using the hashtag #NationalLinguineDay.

Ways To Celebrate National Linguine Day

What's a better way to celebrate this day than enjoying the taste of pasta. So, on this day, go out and discover the most extraordinary authentic linguine meals from a popular Italian restaurant or try making them at home?

Linguine dishes are delicious and easy to cook a meal; you only need four ingredients. Start with filling a pot with enough water to cover the pasta; add salt and olive oil, and bring the pot to boil. Now add two garlic cloves (totally optional). Finally, stir, drain, and remove excess water. Now, serve it with heavy cream, pesto sauce, or any sauce.

If you wish to prepare pasta from scratch, start with a hand mixing cup of flour and two eggs, and cut into long narrow strips. Linguine is a versatile pasta and can be dressed up or down with your favorite sauce garnished with tomatoes and fresh basil. This Italian food tastes great with red and white sauces and seafood and meat dishes.

Facts And Stats

  • It's not mandatory to celebrate National Linguine Day only with linguine dishes; you can go for spaghetti and fettuccine. The major difference is that linguine is a medium length; it is not wider than fettuccine but wider than spaghetti.
  • The day for celebrating linguine hasn't been around as linguine itself. The oldest existence traced back to 700 years, and the idea of this pasta dates back to 4000 years old.
  • There is no evidence of the origin of linguine. The first print reference of linguine was found in 1700 from Guilio Giacchero's description of a dish named Trenette. He mentioned it was a family recipe from Ligurian culture widely cooked in a traditional festival feast. To keep the authentic nature of the dish, this pasta recipe could have been named linguine.

FAQs About National Linguine Day

When did National Linguine Day start?

There are no records of when was this day started, specifically in the US.

What is the significance of National Linguine Day?

The day honors the types of pasta dish and celebrates the traditions and cultures of different origins like Liguria (north-western Italy). 

How is National Linguine Day different from World Pasta Day?

National Linguine Day celebrates the linguine type of pasta. And World Pasta Day celebrates the deliciousness of the favorite Italian Dish, Pasta.

What is the history and origin of National Linguine Day?

The origin and founder of the day are still unknown.

Why do people love National Linguine Day?

People love this day as it celebrates and recognizes America's favorite Italian deliciousness. 

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
September 15, 2020 Tuesday
September 15, 2021 Wednesday
September 15, 2022 Thursday
September 15, 2023 Friday
September 15, 2024 Sunday

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