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National Make Lunch Count Day

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Where is Make Lunch Count Day celebrated? 

The United States recalls the National Make Lunch Count Day on April 13 every year.

Who is Make Lunch Count Day celebrated by?

This national day is celebrated to remind American workers not to skip lunch.

When did Make Lunch Count Day first start?

National Make Lunch Count Day was first observed in 2016.

Who started Make Lunch Count Day?

Make Lunch Count Day was started by TGI Fridays (Thank God it's Friday).

History And Timeline

Everybody is aware that we should eat a heavy breakfast, a light lunch, and lighter dinner. But how many follow this? To reach out to our work on time, workers tend to skip breakfast, with the thought to have a healthy lunch in the day. This plan failed when the day was scheduled with a hefty work schedule (and no time to get away from the desk). According to a survey by TGI Fridays (Thank God it's Friday), most workers in the United States suffer from FOLO (Fear Of Lunching Out) due to work pressure on the employees; they tend to eat lunch at their desks without taking a break.

Thus, TGI Fridays started this movement to make U.S workers realize the importance of taking a break between the working hours and relieving them from the work pressure. Taking a break will make them feel better and more productive.


Definition Of Lunch

Samuel Johnson, an English writer, defines lunch as 'as much food as one’s hand can hold.

17th century

Lunch Becomes Important

During this era, lunch became essential between breakfast and dinner.


The Farm-To-Table Movement

D’Artagnan has been producing superior-tasting products by partnering with small ranches and farms.


Lunches + Littles

Lunches + Littles an Instagram page where Joy posts creative lunch recipes for kids.


National Make Lunch Count Day

TGI Fridays started celebrating this day to remind Americans about the importance of lunch.

A lunch break is necessary to boost our productivity and refreshment. Let us learn how lunch break can make a difference?

Traditions And Customs

Employees can make lunch day count by finding different ideas to celebrate and enjoy lunching with their coworkers, trying new healthy recipes, sharing with friends, taking pictures, and sharing them on social media.

Ways To Celebrate Make Lunch Count Day

National Make Lunch Count Day gives us a chance to break eating lunch on the desk. Below are some tips for celebrating the day.

Take 20-30 minutes of break, head to a restaurant for a meal with your coworkers. Prepare different recipes and share with your colleagues; walk around and refresh your mind.

Facts And Stats

  • National Make Lunch Count Day is celebrated on April 13 every year.
  • Lunch break is important as it nourishes both the brain and body. This day lays emphasis on the importance of lunch breaks and their health benefits.
  • Make Lunch Count Day is especially important because according to a study by Forbes, 38% of employees don't feel encouraged to have lunch.

FAQs About National Make Lunch Count Day

Who started the Make Lunch Count Day?

This national day was founded by TGI (Thank God it's Friday).

When is Make Lunch Count Day?

This day is observed on April 13, annually.

What is the significance of Make Lunch Count Day?

This signifies taking a daily lunch break help workers to increase their creativity and productivity.

How do people celebrate Make Lunch Count Day?

Take a lunch break, join your coworkers, enjoy the lunch with a stimulating conversation.

Why do people celebrate Make Lunch Count Day?

It is celebrated to remind the employees to take lunch breaks regularly.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
April 13, 2020 Monday
April 13, 2021 Tuesday
April 13, 2022 Wednesday
April 13, 2023 Thursday
April 13, 2024 Saturday

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