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National Nut Day

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Where is National Nut Day celebrated?

National Nut Day is celebrated annually throughout the United States of America. This day is also celebrated in the United Kingdom, India, Brazil, and parts of Africa.

Who is National Nut Day celebrated by?

National Nut Day is celebrated by people residing in America and in the United Kingdom. People living in other countries and continents, like Africa, Brazil, and India, also celebrate this day. These countries took part in Liberation Foods' initiative of fair trade practices.

When did National Nut Day start?

National Nut Day first started in the year 2015 through the website of Liberations Food, which is originally a U.K.-based company. However, their initiative soon became popular worldwide, including in the U.S.

Who started National Nut Day?

Liberations Food started the National Nut Day to encourage people to eat the healthiest nuts containing unsaturated fat brought by their fair trade practices.

Consuming nuts every day boosts the immune system.

History And Timelines

National Nut Day promotes the concept of healthy living. Some of the significant historical facts about the origin of this day are listed down below for your better understanding of its importance.


Treatment With Peanuts

The immense health benefits of nuts were first identified after orthodontia patients were treated with peanut butter by a St. Louis doctor.


Nut Trade Flourished

With peanuts introduced in Australia and U.S., the demand for these increased rapidly.


Nut Logo Contest Launch

A 13-year-old boy drew the logo of Mr. Peanut, for which he was awarded five dollars.


National Nut Day Invented

Liberation Foods invented this day with the hope of encouraging people to buy and eat nuts.


Fairtrade Nuts Flourished

According to the journal of Liberations Food, more than 906,706 lb (411,275 kg) of nuts are sold globally.

Traditions And Customs

Among the several customs followed on this day in the U.S., people buy nuts of different kinds and enjoy them as snacks or cook exotic dishes out of them. For example, chicken with peanuts, almond cookies, and nutty fudge are most commonly made on this day. Social media buzzes with the best nut recipes.

Social media is full of information about nuts in their raw form, the use of nuts in delicious snacks, macadamia nuts, kola nuts, and other nuts, and how important they are as a source of Vitamin E. Nutty treats are given to friends, families, or co-workers. Many people also engage themselves in making homemade nut butter out of Brazil nuts or peanuts.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Nut Day

On this day, people indulge in their favorite nut and also cook great dishes out of these. Buying nuts from the local stores or the community farmers is a great way to enjoy this day. Gifting some nutty goodies to the homeless is probably the best way to celebrate National Nut Day.

Facts And Stats

  • During National Nut Day, nut stores often have contests and give away free nuts to the winners.
  • Influencers also trend with their posts or videos on the countless nutritional benefits of consuming nuts every day.
  • In India, sometimes a few schools teach students about nuts and their health benefits during National Nut Day, and it is through these lessons they embrace the day.

FAQs About National Nut Day

What is the National holiday on October 22?

October 22 is celebrated as the National Nut Day in America.

What is the significance of National Nut Day?

This day is celebrated to encourage everyone to opt for nuts as a healthy snack option and support farmers who cultivate nuts.

Who started National Nut Day?

The United Kingdom-based company, Liberation Foods started the National Nut Day.

In which countries do they celebrate National Nut Day?

This day is celebrated throughout the United States of America and the United Kingdom. Other countries like Brazil and India and parts of Africa also celebrate this day. The countries came together under Liberation Foods' initiative of a fair trade collective.

How do people celebrate National Nut Day?

People celebrate this day by eating raw nuts or preparing some great dishes with nuts.

When is National Nut Day in 2021?

National Nut Day was on October 22, 2021, which was on a Friday.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
October 22, 2020 Thursday
October 22, 2021 Friday
October 22, 2022 Saturday
October 22, 2023 Sunday
October 22, 2024 Tuesday

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