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National Prom Day

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Where is National Prom Day Celebrated?

National Prom Day is celebrated throughout the United States of America.  

Who is National Prom Day celebrated by?

This fun day is officially celebrated by young adults all over the United States.

When did National Prom Day first start?

National Prom Day is a celebration initially celebrated in March 2016 by the public at large. In a media release distributed by PromGirl LLC, a retailer of formal occasion prom dresses, the community event was announced.

As part of the dreams prom event, this business offers prom dresses and various types of special occasion apparel.

Who started National Prom Day?

National Prom Day was established by Prom Girl in 2016 to commemorate previous proms, their fashion, fun, and camaraderie, and to look forward to future proms. This day is to celebrate young people's individuality and enthusiasm on this day through a social event and prom photos.

This event aims to instill a true sense of community that allows young adults to feel more empowered and confident.

History And Timeline

Prom nights are entangled with feelings of nostalgia. Listed below are some of the events that highlight the history of this day.


Prom At Harvard

'The Harvard Crimson' mentions promenades with formal dresses and dancing in history, making it one of the first written references to prom nights.


America's Embraces Prom

As prom grows in popularity across the community, high school seniors also begin celebrating the collegiate affair.


Americans At Prom

As Americans gained more income and leisure time in the '50s, proms evolved into elaborate and extravagant events, similar to ones that take place today.


Cementing The Significance Of Prom

Movies like 'Mean Girls' and 'She's All That' demonstrate how prom night remains a prominent part of our culture.


Recognition Of The Day

Fashion retailer Prom Girl holds Prom Day to raise money for causes related to youth and celebrate decades of prom traditions throughout history.

Traditions And Customs

The most common way for individuals to commemorate this milestone event, National Prom Day, is to post-prom photos on social media. On this day, everyone puts on their best dress and has fun.

Ways to Observe Or Celebrate National Prom Day

Everyone is urged to share their prom photos on this day. Post prom photos from yesteryear and share them with friends. On March 31, purchase an outfit from Prom Girl's blowout sale to support a noble cause. 

Facts And Stats

  • For this day, Prom Girl hosts the Garden of Dreams Prom event for hundreds of teens at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The participants come from hospitals and other organizations.
  • The money earned by Prom Girl from prom dresses sales on March 31 is donated to youth-serving organizations.
  • The Garden of Dreams Foundation associated with this day was formed to assist teens facing challenges like peer pressure and body image issues.

FAQs About National Prom Day

What day of the year is National Prom Day?

Each year, National Prom Day falls on March 31. 

Why is it called the prom?

'Prom' is derived from the French word 'Promenade', which means a pleasant walk. Prom is also associated with debutante balls. 

When is prom in high school?

They are usually organized in late May after exams. 

What is prom like?

Proms involve dresses, dancing, dates, music, dressing in tuxedos. 

When is prom in the US?

It usually falls between late May to June.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
March 31, 2020 Tuesday
March 31, 2021 Wednesday
March 31, 2022 Thursday
March 31, 2023 Friday
March 31, 2024 Sunday

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