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A mean girl doesn't necessarily mean a bad girl.

Girls with mean streaks tend to have more of an edge to them. They are competitive and aren't shy of finding solutions to problems by taking unorthodox steps.

In this article, we're sharing over 150 mean girl names with you. If you are looking for names for strong female characters or you have a strong and sassy baby girl at home, you can go through these popular mean girl names and pick one that you like. For more interesting names articles, check out these sassy girl names for fierce warrior princesses and these cute nerdy girl names right here on Kidadl.

Mean Girl Names From '80s Films And Books

The '80s were full of films & books that featured some very memorable mean girls as characters. In this section, you'll get to know about the meanest girl names from the '80s. Let's get things started!

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1. Alexandra (Greek origin), one of the most popular girls names, meaning "to protect".

2. Alicia (German origin), meaning "noble natured".

3. Alyssa (Hebrew origin), meaning "extreme happiness or joy"; one of the girl clique names to consider.

4. Amanda (Latin origin), meaning "much loved".

5. Amber (English origin), derived from the amber stone; a type of gemstone.

6. Annabelle (French origin), meaning "lovable".

7. Angela (Latin origin), meaning "angel".

8. Annie (English origin), meaning "grace".

9. Anya (Russian origin), meaning "grace".

10. April (Latin origin), meaning "to open".

11. Benny (Hebrew origin), meaning "my right hand's son"; popularized by the 'Pretty In Pink' character Benny Hansen.

12. Bridget (Irish origin), one of the best mean names for girls, meaning "strength".

13. Brittany (English origin), the ideal name for a mean girl who hails from Britain.

14. Caitlyn (Irish origin), meaning "pure"; it's a meaner version of the names Kathleen and Catherine.

15. Caroline (Scandinavian origin), meaning "free man" or in this case, a "free mean woman".

16. Charlotte (French origin), one of the all time greats as far as mean girls' names are concerned, meaning "free man".

17. Christina (Latin origin), a religious name that's perfect for mean girls, meaning "Christ's follower".

18. Claire (French origin), meaning "bright"; popularized by the character Claire Standish in the 1985 movie 'The Breakfast Club'.

19. Crystal (Greek origin), meaning "brilliant glass"; one of the best mean girl names for a story.

20. Danielle (Hebrew origin), the female version of the male name Daniel, meaning "my judge is God".

21. Debbie (Hebrew origin), derived from the Hebrew name Deborah and popularized by Debbie Harry, meaning "bee".

22. Donna (Italian origin), meaning "lady".

23. Emily (Roman origin), meaning "rival"; the perfect mean girl name.

24. Erin (Irish origin), meaning "from Ireland".

25. Gemma (English origin), meaning "precious gemstone"; one of the most ideal names for mean girls.

26. Hayley (English origin), meaning "wood meadow"; a potential mean girl name with a touch of nature.

27. Heather (English origin), meaning "flowering shrub"; inspired by the many Heathers that featured in '80s films and books. Many of these Heathers were truly sassy characters.

28. Helen (Greek origin), meaning "shining light"; an '80s mean girl name that will never go out of fashion.

29. Holly (English origin), meaning "to prick"; a mean girl name that made a comeback in the '80s.

30. Jaclyn (French origin), meaning "supplanter"; a name that peaked in popularity during the late '80s.

31. Jennifer (Welsh origin), meaning "fair"; an evergreen name that will always be popular.

32. Jill (English origin), meaning "God's child".

33. Joanna (Greek origin), meaning "God is gracious"; a name that was hugely popular back in the '80s.

34. Jodie (Hebrew origin), meaning "praised"; a popular mean girls name during the '80s.

35. Julie (Latin origin), meaning "youthful".

36. Kayla (Arabic origin), meaning "crown"; popularized by one of the characters in the 'Days Of Our Lives' soap opera.

37. Kelly (Irish origin), meaning "war"; names for girls don't get much meaner than this name's meaning.

38. Louise (German origin), meaning "famed warrior"; perfect for your popular mean girl.

39. Lucy (French and English origin), meaning "light"; this name is a shortened version of the name Lucinda.

40. Maria (Latin origin), meaning "bitter" or "of the sea"; a classic name from the '80s.

41. Megan (Greek origin), meaning "pearl".

42. Michelle (French origin), meaning "Godlike".

43. Monica (African origin), meaning "advisor"; popularized by the character of Monica from the TV show 'Friends'.

44. Natasha (Russian origin), meaning "the birthday of the Lord".

45. Nicole (Latin origin), meaning "victorious people".

46. Rebecca (Hebrew origin), meaning "captivating".

47. Sarah (Arabic origin), meaning "princess"; a name that remained popular beyond the '80s.

48. Stacey (Greek origin), meaning "bountiful grapes".

49. Stephanie (Greek origin), meaning "crown"; one of the most popular names for mean girls in the '80s.

50. Veronica (Greek origin), meaning "victory".

51. Zoe (Greek origin), meaning "life".

Mean Girl Names From '90s Films And Books

Now that we've covered the meanest girl names from the '80s, it's time to look at some of the best names for mean girls that became popular during the '90s.

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52. Alex (Greek origin), meaning "defender"; inspired by Alex from the show 'Totally Spies'.

53. Annette (French origin), meaning "merciful" and "gracious"; inspired by Annette from the movie 'Cruel Intentions'.

54. Ashley (English origin), meaning "ash tree meadow".

55. Belle (French origin), meaning "beautiful"; inspired by the 'Beauty And The Beast' character.

56. Blossom (English origin), meaning "like a flower"; popularized by the character of Blossom Russo in the '90s TV series 'Blossom'.

57. Buffy (English origin), meaning "one who dwells close to the beaver stream"; popularized by the series 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'.

58. Buttercup (English origin), meaning "yellow wildflower"; inspired by the Cartoon Network series 'The Powerpuff Girls'.

59. Cher (French origin), meaning "dear"; popularized by the character of Cher Horowitz from the movie  'Clueless'.

60. Clarissa (German origin), meaning "bright"; inspired by Clarissa Darling from the show 'Clarissa Explains It All'.

61. Clover (English origin), meaning "key"; inspired by Clover from the show 'Totally Spies'.

62. Corey (Greek origin), meaning "maiden"; inspired by the 'Empire Records' character.

63. Dana (Celtic origin), meaning "arbiter"; inspired by Dana Scully from the show 'The X-Files'.

64. Daria (Persian origin), meaning "holder of the good"; inspired by Daria Morgendorffer from the show 'Daria'.

65. Ellie (Hebrew origin), meaning "my light is God"; inspired by the 'Jurassic Park' character Dr. Ellie Sattler.

66. Gertie (German origin), meaning "strong spear"; popularized by Grandma Gertie from the show 'Hey Arnold!'.

67. Ginger (English origin), indicating "fierce temperament"; inspired by Ginger Foutley from the show 'As Told By Ginger'.

68. Gwen (Welsh origin), meaning "luck"; popularized by singer Gwen Stefani.

69. Jenny (English origin), meaning "fair"; inspired by the 'Forrest Gump' character.

70. Jessica (Hebrew origin), meaning "God beholds".

71. Jessie (Hebrew origin), meaning "he sees"; popularized by Jessie Spano from the show 'Saved By The Bell'.

72. Juliet (French origin), meaning "youthful"; inspired by Juliet Capulet from the memorable 'Romeo And Juliet'.

73. Kat (Anglo-Saxon origin), meaning "pure"; inspired by Kat Stratford from the movie '10 Things I Hate About You'.

74. Khadijah (Arabic origin), meaning "premature"; inspired by Khadijah James from the show 'Living Single'.

75. Laura (Italian origin), meaning "crown"; inspired by Laura Winslow from the show 'Family Matters'.

76. Lindsay (Scottish origin), derived from the "island of Lind"; popularized by Lindsay Weir from the show 'Freaks And Geeks'.

77. Lisa (Hebrew origin), meaning "oath of God"; inspired by 'The Simpsons'.

78. Matilda (German origin), meaning "strength" and "might"; inspired by the character from 'Matilda'.

79. Mia (Italian origin), meaning "mine"; popularized by the character of Mia Wallace from the movie 'Pulp Fiction'.

80. Phoebe (Greek origin), meaning "bright"; popularized by the character of Phoebe in 'Friends'.

81. Reggie (Latin origin), meaning "advisor of the ruler"; popularized by Reggie from the show 'Rocket Power'.

82. Rose (German origin), meaning the "rose flower"; popularized by the character of Rose Dawson in the '90s movie 'Titanic'.

83. Roz (German origin), meaning "gentle horse"; popularized by Roz Doyle from the iconic show 'Frasier'.

84. Sabrina (Latin origin), meaning "patience"; a name popularized by the series 'Sabrina The Teenage Witch'.

85. Sam (Hebrew origin), meaning "name of God"; inspired by Sam from the show 'Totally Spies'.

86. Sidney (English origin), meaning "wide meadow"; inspired by the character of Sidney Prescott from the movie 'Scream'.

87. Skylar (English origin), meaning "noble scholar"; inspired by Skylar from the iconic 'Good Will Hunting'.

88. Spinelli (Latin origin), meaning "thorn bush"; inspired by Spinelli from the show 'Recess'.

89. Synclaire (Scottish origin), meaning "pure"; popularized by Synclaire James-Jones from the show 'Living Single'.

90. Tamera (Hebrew origin), meaning "date palm"; inspired by Tamera Campbell from the show 'Sister, Sister'.

91. Tia (Greek origin), meaning "happiness"; popularized by Tia Landry from the show 'Sister, Sister'.

92. Topanga (Native American origin), meaning "where the sea meets the mountain"; inspired by the character of Topanga Lawrence from the show 'Boy Meets World'.

93. Torrance (Scottish origin), meaning "from the hills that are craggy"; inspired by the character of Torrance Shipman from the movie 'Bring It On'.

94. Tracy (Irish origin), meaning "fighter" or "war-like"; inspired by Tracy Mills from 'Seven'.

95. Veda (Sanskrit origin), meaning "wisdom" or "knowledge"; inspired by the character of Veda Sultenfuss from the movie 'My Girl'.

96. Vivian (Latin origin), meaning "life"; inspired by the character of Vivian from the movie 'Pretty Woman'.

Mean Girls' Names From '00s Films And Books

It's time to turn our attention towards mean girl names from a new era now; the 2000s. The 2000s witnessed the releases of numerous books, shows, and movies that went on to be huge successes. From characters played by Rachel McAdams to Tina Fey, we'll cover them all here.  So let's get going!

97. Aileen (Scottish origin), meaning "shining light"; inspired by Aileen from the movie 'Monster'.

98. Amelie (French origin), meaning "work"; inspired by Amelie from the movie 'Amelie'.

99. Cady (Greek origin), meaning "pure"; inspired by Cady Heron from the 'Mean Girls' movie from 2004, who is one of the most important 'Mean Girls' characters. Cady sits in front of the character of Aaron Samuels in the movie.

100. Chelsea (English origin), meaning "chalk landing place"; inspired by Chelsea from the movie 'St. Trinian's'.

101. Coraline (American origin), meaning "maiden" or "heart"; inspired by the movie 'Coraline'.

102. Dory (French origin), meaning "God's gift"; inspired by Dory from the movie 'Finding Nemo'.

103. Eli (Spanish and English origin), meaning "ascent"; inspired by Eli from the movie 'Let The Right One In'.

104. Elizabeth (Hebrew origin), meaning "God is abundance"; inspired by Queen Elizabeth from the movie 'The Queen'.

105. Elle (French origin), meaning "she"; inspired by Elle from the movie 'Legally Blonde'.

106. Enid (Welsh origin), meaning "spirit"; inspired by Enid from the movie 'Ghost World'.

107. Erika (Norse origin), meaning "eternal ruler"; inspired by Erika Kohut from the movie 'The Piano Teacher'.

108. Giselle (French origin), meaning "bright pledge"; inspired by Giselle from the movie 'Enchanted'.

109. Juno (Latin origin), meaning "heaven's queen"; inspired by Juno from the movie 'Juno'.

110. Lane (English origin), meaning "small path or roadway"; inspired by Lane Kim from the 'Gilmore Girls' show.

111. Kym (English origin), meaning "regal hill"; inspired by Kym from the movie 'Rachel Getting Married'.

112. Marissa (Latin origin), meaning "of the sea"; inspired by Marissa Cooper from the show 'The O.C.'.

113. Miranda (Latin origin), meaning "admiration worthy"; inspired by Miranda Priestly from 'The Devil Wears Prada'.

114. Ofelia (Greek origin), meaning "help"; inspired by Ofelia from the movie 'Pan's Labyrinth'.

115. Penny (English origin), meaning "weaver"; inspired by Penny Lane from the movie 'Almost Famous'.

116. Piper (English origin), meaning "one who plays pipes"; inspired by Piper Halliwell from the show 'Charmed'.

117. Regina (Latin origin), meaning "queen"; inspired by Regina George from the 'Mean Girls' movie written and directed by Mark Waters. The role of Regina George was played by Rachel McAdams, who played an important role in the 'Mean Girls' cast.

118. Rita (Indian and Greek origin), meaning "pearl"; inspired by Rita from the movie 'Mulholland Dr.'

119. Selma (Arabic origin), meaning "peaceful"; inspired by Selma from the movie 'Dancer In The Dark'.

120. Sharon (Hebrew origin), meaning "plain"; inspired by Sharon Norbury played by Tina Fey from the 'Mean Girls' movie.

121. Shosanna (Hebrew origin), meaning "lily"; inspired by Shosanna Dreyfus from the movie 'Inglourious Basterds'.

Mean Girl Names From '10s Films And Books

We've entered a brand new section now and with it comes names from the 2010 era. In this section, we'll take a look at some more mean names for girls and cute clique names.

122. Cody (English origin), meaning helpful; inspired by Cody from the movie 'Animal Kingdom'.

123. Diana (Indo-European origin), meaning "divine"; inspired by Diana from the movie 'Wonder Woman'.

124. Furiosa (Italian origin), meaning "furiously"; inspired by Imperator Furiosa from the movie 'Mad Max: Fury Road'.

125. Hannah (Hebrew origin), meaning "grace" or "favor"; inspired by Hannah Horvath from the movie 'Girls'.

126. Justine (French and Latin origin), meaning "righteous"; inspired by Justine from the movie 'Melancholia'.

127. Linda (neo-Latin origin), meaning "beautiful"; inspired by Linda from the movie 'Bob's Burgers'.

128. Mindy (English origin), meaning "sweet"; inspired by Mindy from the movie 'The Mindy Project'.

129. Moira (English origin), meaning "destiny"; inspired by Moira Rose from the movie 'Schitt's Creek'.

130. Nikki (American origin), meaning "people's victory"; inspired by Nikki from the movie 'The Bling Ring'.

131. Noni (African origin), meaning "in law"; inspired by Noni from the movie 'Beyond The Lights'.

132. Okoye (African origin), meaning "born on a market day"; inspired by Okoye from the movie 'Black Panther'.

133. Olivia (Norse origin), meaning "olive tree"; inspired by Olivia Pope from the show 'Scandal'.

134. Poussey (unknown origin), meaning "God's blessings"; inspired by Poussey Washington from the show 'Orange Is The New Black'.

135. Ramona (Spanish and German origin), meaning "hands that protect"; inspired by Ramona from the movie 'Hustlers'.

136. Shuri (Japanese origin), meaning "village"; inspired by Shuri from the movie 'Black Panther'.

137. Tasha (English origin), meaning "Christmas born"; inspired by Tasha Jefferson from the show 'Orange Is The New Black'.

Ideas For Mean Girl Names

We've almost come to the end of this article now and we're going to finish things off by giving you some more ideas for mean girl names for your own characters. In this section, you'll find names that are a bit sassy or have sassy meanings!

138. Aella (Greek origin), meaning "whirlwind"; quite a sassy girl name.

139. Aiden (Irish origin), meaning "fiery little one".

140. Beatrix (Latin origin), meaning "bringer of happiness"; another sassy girl name.

141. Cachet (French origin), meaning "prestigious and desirable woman"; one of the most unique names for girls.

142. Darcy (Irish origin), meaning "from the forest".

143. Gia (Italian origin), meaning "gracious gift of God".

144. Ianira (Gothic origin), meaning "enchantress".

145. Lacia (Spanish origin), meaning "as tender as a lace".

146. Kaca (Celtic origin), meaning "the vigilant one's descendant".

147. Kiara (Irish origin), meaning "little" or "dark hair".

148. Lilith (Assyrian origin), meaning "night monster".

149. Shabina (Arabic origin), meaning "the storm's eye".

150. Vada (German origin), meaning "famous ruler"; one of the most unique names you will come across.

151. Whitney (English origin), meaning "white island".

152. Yeganeh (Persian origin), meaning "unique".

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for mean girl names then why not take a look at something different like these cool and unique hipster girl names or these fancy girl names you'll love?

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