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Originally Published on Sep 23, 2020
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As a parent-to-be one of the most exciting things to do before your baby arrives is choose a baby name but it can seem like an immense task when there are so many to choose from and you want to make sure you get it right.

With the '90s seemingly making a comeback in 2020 with the re-emergence of bandana tops and 'Friends' being available on Netflix, we thought we would dive back three decades and put together a list of the best 100 baby names from the '90s to help you with the decision.

The '90s will go down in history as the decade that produced some of the best music there is, made advancements in technology and saw the release of movies and tv shows which are still talked about and watched today.

If that doesn't make the decade iconic enough, it also created some quirky (and possibly questionable) fashion trends; think blue eyeshadow, wearing a skirt over jeans and tracksuit tops that were far too big.

With so many great things about the decade, why not champion a '90s revival by choosing a moniker from our list of the best baby names which includes names for girls, boys, unisex names and even some popular baby names based on pop culture?

Popular '90s Names

This section includes what were some of the most popular names in the 1990s and we are confident that they still make for great baby names today. You'll likely recognise some of them and you may even have had people in your class at school with these popular baby names.

1. Amanda - a Latin name which means 'deserving to be loved'.

2. Andrew - theEnglish version of the Greek name Andreas meaning 'manly, masculine'.

3. Britney - Britney Spears may spring to mind but this name means 'from Great Britain'.

4. Chloe - the most popular baby name for girls in 1999, meaning 'blooming' or 'fertility'.

5. Christopher - from the Greek name Christophoros, Christopher means 'bearer of Christ'.

6. Daniel - Daniel was a Hebrew prophets whose name means 'God is my judge'.

7. Elizabeth - the current queen of Great Britain, meaning 'my God is an oath'.

8. Emily - from the Latin name Aemilia, Emily means 'rival'.

9. Jacob - a Biblical boys' name meaning 'seizing by the heel'.

10. Jessica - First used in Shakespeare'sThe Merchant of Venice, Jessica means 'God beholds'.

11. Joseph - originatesfrom the Hebrew name Yosef meaning 'he will add'.

12. Joshua - of Hebrew origin meaning 'God is salvation'.

13. Matthew - Derived from theHebrew name Mattityahu meaning 'gift of God'.

14. Megan - a Welsh name which is a short form of Margaret.

15. Michael -an archangel in Hebrew tradition, Michael rhetorically means 'who is like God?'.

16. Nicholas -from the Greek name Nikolaoswhich means 'victory of the people'.

17. Nicole - originating from France and the female form of Nicholas.

18. Sarah - the name of Abraham's wife in the Old Testament, meaning 'lady, princess, noblewoman'.

19. Samantha - of English/Hebrew origin, meaning 'God Head' or possibly 'flower' in Greek.

20. Tyler - originally a name for a house builder, from the Old English 'tigele' meaning 'tile'.

'90s Girl Names

Whilst some '90s names for girls may not be as commonplace anymore, there are still lovely names from that decade that are just as wearable today. Whether you are looking for something traditional, or a name that is a little more unique, this section might just have the perfect name for your baby girl.

21. Abigail - originating from the Hebrew name Avigayil meaning 'my father is joy'.

22. Amber - of English origin and relating to the pretty gemstone and the colour.

23. Chelsea - meaning 'landing place for chalk', it has been used regularly since the 1970s.

24. Christina - the Latin female form of Christian and an early saint.

25. Emma - derived from the Germanic word 'ermen' which means 'whole' or 'universal'.

26. Erin - a fairly popular short name for a girl, meaning 'peace'.

27. Faye - derived from Middle English word 'faie' which means 'fairy'.

28. Hannah - becoming popular in the mid 20th century, Hannah means 'favour, grace'.

29. Haley - Originally a surname based on a town name that meant 'hay clearing'.

30. Jade - derived from the Spanish 'piedra de la ijada', and a beautiful ornamental stone.

31. Kayla - meaning 'beloved' and popularised by a 'Days Of Our Lives' character. 

32. Kelsey - of English origin and possibly meaning 'ship's victory' or 'Cenel's Island'.

33. Kimberly - from a place name that roughly means 'woodland clearing of the royal fortress'.

34. Louise - French feminine form of Louis meaning 'famous warrioress'.

35. Madison - meaning 'Matthew's child', it did not become popular until the 1984 movie Splash.

36. Melissa - coming from the Greek word for 'bee'.

37. Morgan - of Welsh origin and meaning 'sea chief' or 'sea protector'.

38. Shannon - an Irish moniker based on the name of Ireland's longest river.

39. Shelby - thought to be based on coming from 'a place where willows grow'.

40. Tiffany - traditionally given to a girl born on the Epiphany, popularised by 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'.

'90s Boy Names

If you are still in search of the perfect name for a son, then this section of '90s baby names for boys may give you some inspiration. We have included some classic names that are very much still in use as well as some more unusual yet still modern boys names.

41. Aaron - derived from a Hebrew name which is thought to mean 'high mountain'.

42. Andre - a variation of the Greek name Andreas, meaning 'man, warrior'.

43. Alexander - a name given to many kings and rulers, it means 'defending men'.

44. Anthony - gained popularity in Christian countries after Saint Anthony, with several possible meanings.

45. Christian - derived from the medieval Latin name Christianus which means 'a Christian'.

46. Dylan - meaning 'great tide', Dylan was a hero in Welsh mythology.

47. Eric - the name of a Disney prince, it means 'eternal ruler'.

48. Evan - a Welsh form of John, which itself means 'God is gracious'.

49. Finn - this name has several origins and can mean 'fair' or 'white'.

50. Hunter - coming from the Old English 'hunta', a surname for a hunter.

51. John - meaning 'God is gracious', John is born by several revered saints.

52. Justin - derived from the name Justus, which means 'just'.

53. Kevin - an Anglicised version of an Irish name meaning 'handsome birth'.

54. Kyle - from a Scottish surname which means 'narrows, channel, strait'.

55. Mark - derived from Marcus which was one of the three most popular Roman names.

56. Nathan - the name of a prophet, it originates from Hebrew and means 'he gave'.

57. Patrick - a saint's name, from the Latin name Patricius, which meant 'nobleman'.

58. River - a unique name relating to a flowing body of water.

59. Robert - from the Germanic Hrodebert which means 'bright fame'.

60. Sean - coming from the Irish version of the name John meaning 'God is gracious'.

61. Xander- this name is the short form of Alexander and was popularised by 'Buffy'.

Popular Culture '90s Names

The '90s was rife with unforgettable moments as a result of tv, film, music and celebrity personalities. These names are based on some of the most popular people and popular shows of the time.

62. Charlotte - with Sarah, Samantha and Miranda, was a character in 'Sex and the City'.

63. Courtney - of French origin, made popular by both the 'Friends' star and grunge singer.

64. Diana - affectionately called the people's princess, Diana was an iconic and influential royal.

65. Doug - a sweater vest-wearing cartoon character, this name means 'dark river'.

66. Freddy - a nickname of Frederick, meaning 'peaceful ruler' and popularised by Freddy Prince Jr.

67. Gwen - the name of the 'No Doubt' singer, meaning 'fair, blessed'.

68. Hugh - like rom-com legend Hugh Grant, this name means 'heart, mind, spirit'.

69. Jennifer -the name of a famous actress and singer, meaning 'the fair one'.

70. Joey - meaning 'he (God) will add', and a 'Friends' character played by Matt LeBlanc.

71. Kate -short form of Katherine popularised by the '90s supermodel.

72. Kurt -popularised by Nirvana's frontman, it is a derivation of Conrad meaning 'brave counsel'.

73. Liam -gaining favour thanks to Oasis, it is a short form of William.

74. Lisa -a short form of Elizabeth which means 'God is my oath'.

75. Melanie - the name of 2 out of 5 Spice Girls, meaning 'dark'.

76. Naomi - meaning 'pleasantness', it was world-known in the '90s thanks to Naomi Campbell.

77. Pierce - now acted by Daniel Craig, 007 was portrayed by Pierce Brosnan in the '90s.

78. Rachel - popularised by the 'Friends' character,  of Hebrew origin, meaning 'one of purity'.

79. Tommy - an endearing form of Thomas, meaning 'twin', and one of the 'Rugrats' babies.

80. Will - a short form of William which took centre stage in 'The Fresh Prince'.

81. Zack - the short form of Zachary, popularised by the show 'Saved by the Bell'.

Non-Binary Baby Names From The '90s

If you haven't found out the sex of your baby yet, or you simply find the thought of a gender neutral name appealing, then this selection of nostalgic unisex '90s names are great whether your new arrival is a boy or a girl.

82. Alexis -derived from Greek, the name Alexis means 'to defend, to help'.

83. Ashley - from an English surname, Ashley means 'ash tree clearing'.

84. Billie - a nickname for Bill but also a variation of William for a girl.

85. Blair - a unique baby name which means 'plain', 'meadow' or 'battlefield'.

86. Blake - coming from an Old English surname which means both 'black' or 'pale'.

87. Casey - From an Irish surname meaning 'descendant of Cathasach', which itself means 'vigilant'.

88. Charlie - a nickname and the feminine form of Charles.

89. Cody - of English origin, meaning 'helpful'.

90. Drew - a short form of Andrew but also meaning 'strong and manly'.

91. Frankie - a nickname for both Frank and Francis.

92. Jamie - originally derived from James but also with a meaning of 'supplanter'.

93. Jay - a nature-inspired name based on the blue crested bird.

94. Jesse - of Hebrew origin, possibly meaning 'gift', it is also a nickname for Jessica.

95. Jody - a derivative of Judith and Joseph, making it ideal for a boy or girl.

96. Jordan - meaning 'descend' or 'flow down' and based on the river.

97. Leslie - from a Scottish surname thought to mean 'garden of holly'.

98. Max - a short form of boys names Maximillian and Maxwell and the female Maxine.

99. Reese - of Welsh origin meaning 'enthusiasm'.

100. Sam - short form of Samantha or Samuel.

101. Taylor - based on an English surname that denoted that the person was a tailor.

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