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Why Sassy Grandma Names?

You know, grandmas are just the best! They take care of us, give us advice, and show us love and care as nobody else can.

And what's even sweeter is that we often give them cute and unique names that make them smile. The reason we give our grandmas special names is to show them how much we love and appreciate them.

They play such an important role in our lives, and by giving them a special nickname, we're letting them know just how much they mean to us. Plus, who doesn't love a good nickname?

Grandmas are often the ones who spoil us with treats and love us unconditionally.

They're always there to listen to our problems and offer comforting words. The bond between a grandma and her grandkids is truly special, and the nickname we give them is a symbol of that bond.

So, whether you call her Grandma, Nana, or something more unique like Mimi or Gigi, one thing's for sure - grandmas are one of a kind, and we're lucky to have them in our lives. Check out the best grandma names here.

Traditional Grandma Names

1. Gabby

2. Gamma

3. Gammy

4. Geema - is a common term used for older women.

5. Gigi - A trendy term used as the first name by Gigi Hadid, will surely make your grandma feel like the new star of the house. Using the same term twice always makes names for grandma quite attractive.

6. Gogo - In the Zulu dialect, grandmas are lovingly called Gogo.

7. Gram

8. Gram-Gran - is a combination of two terms used as grandparent names.

9. Gramma

10. Grammy - Why not give your music lover grandma the famous award by naming her after the 'Grammy' awards.

11. Grams

12. Gran

13. Grancy

14. Grand Momma

15. Grand nana

16. Grandma - How can the list be complete without the simple grandma name that tops all charts behind?

17. Grandmama

18. Grandmom

19. Mama

20. Marmee - A name used for a mother or the older woman in the literary work named 'Little women' can be something that relates the best to your grandma.

21. Meems

22. Mema

23. Mima

24. Moo

Grandma Names From Different Nationalities

Grandmother and her grandchild enjoying in the garden with flowers

25. Abuela - Spanish term for a grandma.

26. Avo - Portuguese term for grandma.

27. Ayeeyo - Somali term for grandma.

28. Babushka - Russian term for grandma.

29. Bacia - Polish term for grandma.

30. Bomma - A flemish term for grandma.

31. Bubbe - The Yiddish term for grandma.

32. Dadi - Hindi term for grandma.

33. Grand-mère - French for grandma.

34. Halmeoni - Korean term for grandma.

35. Lola - Filipino; quite a name that follows the famous film named 'Run Lola Run'.

36. Mhamó - Irish term for grandma.

37. Muthashi - Malayali term for grandma.

38. Nene - Turkish term for grandma.

39. Nonna - The Italian term for grandma.

40. Obaachan - One of the Japanese names for grandma

41. Oma - German term for grandma.

42. Ouma - Afrikaan term for grandma.

43. Savta - The Hebrew term for grandma.

44. Seanmhathair - The Irish word for grandmother.

45. Senelė - Lithuanian term for grandma.

46. Sobo - Another one of the Japanese names for grandma.

47. Tutu - Hawaiian term for grandma.

48. Vovo - Portuguese term for grandma.

49. YaYa - Greek for grandma.

50. Zumu - One of the Chinese alternative names for a grandma.

Names For Young Grandmas

51. ABBA - Got a 70's grandma? ABBA is the perfect name for your grandparent as it would remind your grandma of the famous 70's famous pop supergroup.

52. Abbi

53. Amma

54. Birdie

55. Bunny - A grandparent that's closest to the bunny rabbit, this is the cute name for your old cutie.

56. G-Ma

57. G-Mom

58. Giggy

59. Insta-Gram - The perfect grandma name for the techie or the big smartphone lover grandma.

60. Cutie

61. Lita - Short form of abuelita.

62. MawMaw - The name that Southerners call their grandmas.

63. MayMay - is a mainstream term used in the internet culture reference.

64. Mimi

65. Mom Mom - almost referring to your mother's mother. Perfect name, right?

66. Nans

67. Nonnie - adding an '-ie' makes the name sound even more loving.

68. Tita - is a variation or short for the Spanish Abuela.

Cute Nicknames For Grandma

69. Bubbles - Cute name for your free-spirited grandma.

70. Bun Bun

71. Cici

72. Coco - Referring to the movie ‘Coco’.

73. Cookie

74. Gaga - Your grandma would go gaga over the name 'Gaga' and not just because it belongs to Lady Gaga.

75. Gam Gam - Repeating a term twice does make it sound adorable as one of the grandma's names.

76. Gee

77. Glamma - For a glam gran.

78. Honey - An endearment that surely fits perfectly well for your grandma and not just you as a grandchild.

79. Lala

80. Love - Aren't grandparents someone who deserves this endearment? They'd surely admire being called out as 'Love' in their life

81. Mumu

82. Mumzie - Though it sounds more like a nickname for the mother, you can use it as a close adoring term for your grandma too

83. Nana

84. Nandy - The sound of 'D' in the name makes the whole name stand out to an ordinary listener and will pass the same effect for your grandmother every time you'd call her out

85. Sweetie - The '-ie' ending truly makes the trick work for making your sweet grandmother feel loved all the same.

86. Sweets

Funny Grandma Names

Granddaughter kissing grandmother's old hand close-up representing respect.

87. Bella - A grandmother is nothing less than beautiful, so this is a proper name to make her feel beautiful too.

88. Candy - Sweet as the candy, the name is perfect for the candy of your eye.

89. Cookies - A grandmother who loves cookies? This is the apt name for that lovely old lady.

90. Grammakins

91. Granny Pie - If you can call your loved person a 'sweetie pie' why not do the same for your lovely grandma too.

92. Marmie - is just a variation of the name Marmee.

93. Meema

94. Minny

95. Momo

96. Momsie

97. Moomins

98. MooMoo

99. Nan

100. Nani

101. Nanna

102. Nanny - is another common term used for grandmothers.

103. Neena

104. Queenie

105. Sassy queen - What better name than the term sassy itself for your chic grandma?

106. Sweetie pie

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