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National Protein Day

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Where is National Protein Day celebrated? 

It is celebrated in India and the United States.

Who is National Protein Day celebrated by?

It is celebrated by health-conscious people of the US and India.

When did National Protein Day first start?

The information surrounding the date on which it was first celebrated in the US is unavailable to us. In India, it was first celebrated on February 27, 2020.

Who started National Protein Day?

The person or organization behind the initiation of this day remains unknown.

Proteins are made up of amino acids.

History And Timeline

Protein was discovered and identified as the basic building block of the human body in the 19th century.


Discovery Of Protein

Dutch chemist Gerardus Johannes Mulder discovered protein.


Protein Identified As Essential Nutrient

German scientist Carl Von Voit claimed that protein was the foremost nutrient and fuel source of the human body.


Weight Loss Linked To Protein

Federal study found out that a high-protein diet cuts weight.


Supplements Become Popular

Used mainly by bodybuilders, whey protein supplements became popular in the market.


University Study Proves Older Claim

A study by Wake Forest University proved that high-protein diets aid in losing fat.

Traditions And Customs

National Protein Day does not have any traditions or customs attached to it. However, you can always go ahead and create your secret ritual!

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Protein Day

What better way to celebrate this day than gorging up protein-rich food? You may choose from a variety of high-protein foods like eggs, meat, milk products, tofu, and more. Try pumpkin seeds for a change! Pumpkin seeds are currently becoming the new rage. Remember to buy light-roasted pumpkin seeds and not those fried ones.

Working out can lead to increased muscle mass in your body. Your increased muscle mass would make you a lot leaner than before.

That is the best way to lose weight! Most importantly, spend the day reading up on what is essential for maintaining good health.

Facts And Stats

  • 66% of Americans are aware of the amount of protein required in the diet, and that is why the day is considered an important awareness program.
  • 30% of Americans opt for plant-based protein. They also celebrate this day in light of the importance of protein in a balanced diet.
  • This year the day would fall on a Sunday, and you can start your holiday with a protein-rich breakfast.

FAQs About National Protein Day

On which date National Protein Day is celebrated every year?

It is celebrated every year on February 27.

Who discovered protein?

Protein was discovered by the Dutch chemist named Gerardus Johannes Mulder in 1838.

What is the significance of National Protein Day?

National Protein Day was initiated with the primary aim of encouraging people to increase their protein intake. Under this protein initiative, several health benefits of having protein-rich food are highlighted.

Who started National Protein Day?

The founder of National Protein Day remains unknown.

How do people celebrate National Protein Day?

People celebrate this day by eating high protein foods. They go to the market to buy protein-packed foods. They also do research or attend seminars to increase their knowledge about protein and its many health benefits.

Why do people celebrate National Protein Day?

People celebrate this day to learn more about several health benefits of protein.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
February 26, 2020 Wednesday
February 26, 2021 Friday
February 26, 2022 Saturday
February 26, 2023 Sunday
February 26, 2024 Monday

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