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National Sacher Torte Day

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Where is National Sacher Torte Day celebrated?

The National Sacher Torte Day is a day that marks the celebration of one of the most esteemed delicacies, Sacher Torte, which is a variant of chocolate sponge cake. Every year on December 5, this day is celebrated by both children and adults in the United States of America.

Who celebrates National Sacher Torte Day?

This particular day is celebrated with gorgeous pomp and gaiety by food lovers who would love to eat a special dessert like tortes. Both children and adults celebrate this day by eating the Sacher Tortes. Chefs and bakers of the Sacher hotels also celebrate this special day.

When did National Sacher Torte Day start?

It is currently not known when this day initially started. However, the history associated with Sacher Torte is fascinating. In 1832, a chef named Franz Sacher first prepared the original Sacher Torte for Clemens Lothar Wensel Metternich, an esteemed and highly respected chancellor of the Austrian empire. Initially, Franz filled in for the head chef, who unfortunately had fallen ill on that day. Franz Sacher was just a 16-year-old teenager when he made this exquisite delicacy.

Eduard Sacher, son of Franz Sacher, opened up hotels to serve this dessert. The Sacher Torte is a delicate chocolate sponge cake with apricot jam and dark chocolate as its main ingredients. Apricot jam was used to separate the layers of the chocolate cake, with chocolate icing and whipped cream used as the coating of this chocolate cake. This was how the original Sacher Torte was prepared.

Who started National Sacher Torte Day?

There is no info on who first led this day. This is a special day dedicated to paying homage to one of the most popular desserts of all time. This day also marks the young chef who first made this chocolate cake dessert in 1832.

Facts on Sacher Torte are interesting.

History And Timeline

Some cool historical facts are associated with this iconic dish. So let us find out some fascinating facts about this dish from Vienna.


First Sacher Torte

The first Sacher Torte was prepared in 1832 by Franz for the Austrian Chancellor.


The Opening Of Hotel Sacher

Franz's son Eduard Sacher opened the hotel Sacher which bears the mark of his family.


New Owner Of Hotel Sacher

In 1892, Eduard passed away, and his wife Anna took charge of the Sacher hotel and managed it till her death in 1930.


Death of Anna Sacher

More than 35 years after her husband passed away, Anna Sacher died in the hotel she managed.


Trademark Infringement Case

Hotel Sacher sued the Demel bakery for trademark infringement of the original recipe of the Sacher tortes and won the case.

Traditions And Customs

One of the most essential and apparent traditions involves visiting restaurants and trying out the Sacher Torte with family and friends. Other remarkable traditions involve studying the different cultures, traditions, and history of ancient Vienna.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Sacher Torte Day

National Sacher Torte Day is a day filled with fun and excitement. One of the excellent ways to enjoy this special day is to make the dish at your home. The Sacher Torte is a cake made out of a chocolate sponge base. The cake layers are separated by apricot jam, and the coating is typically served with dark chocolate icing and whipped cream.

Facts And Stats

  • In honor of this day, people usually try the original sacher torte recipe at Hotel Sacher in Vienna or Salzburg locations.
  • Friends and families get together to enjoy this day.
  • On this day, chefs and individuals interested in baking usually make this torte with the original recipe.

FAQs About National Sacher Torte Day

What does Sacher mean in German?

It refers to a chocolate cake separated by apricot jam and is usually dry and glazed.

Where did Sacher Torte originate?

Sacher Torte is said to have originated in Austria's Vienna.

Who created the Sacher Torte?

Franz Sacher created this recipe in Vienna.

Who led National Sacher Torte Day?

There is no info on who first led this day.

How are families promoting National Sacher Torte Day?

They are promoting this day by integrating the younger generation with the culture and tradition of this dish.

Who discovered the National Sacher Torte Day?

There is no definite discoverer of this day.

What does National Sacher Torte Day note about cakes?

This day serves as a reminder that Sacher Torte is a special type of chocolate cake.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
December 04, 2020 Friday
December 04, 2021 Saturday
December 04, 2022 Sunday
December 04, 2023 Monday
December 04, 2024 Wednesday

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