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National Scrapbooking Day

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Where is National Scrapbooking Day celebrated? 

National Scrapbook Day is celebrated by all crafters in the United States on the first Saturday of every year. National Scrapbook Day is a rallying point for everyone to gather their scissors and glue in anticipation of an incredible day. It is a fun event to spend time with family and friends too. Keeping a scrapbook requires documenting and recording significant events in one's life on a daily basis.

Who is National Scrapbooking Day celebrated by?

National Scrapbooking Day is the perfect opportunity for crafters of all ages who wish to create memories and memorable moments. It is celebrated by both adults and children. Even during COVID times, crafters have celebrated this event online. It is the perfect day for crafters to get inspired, learn about each other’s layouts, and craft some unique photo layouts for their own scrapbooks.

When did National Scrapbooking Day first start?

The exact date when National Scrapbook Day was first started in 1994 is unknown. Scrapbooking has grown in popularity, and individuals who like it may form and create a strong social network online by sharing materials, ideas, and techniques. Many scrapbookers may get together at each other's houses to work on their scrapbooks while enjoying each other's company. Crafters would frequently visit conventions and retreats together to study new techniques and abilities in the preservation of scrapbooks as well. 

Who started National Scrapbooking Day?

National Scrapbook Day was founded by Creative Memories, a company that is known for its album production. National Scrapbook Day is observed on the first Saturday in May. People on this day have been celebrating this love for the art of scrapbooking since 1994.

Scrapbooking is enjoyed by people of all age groups.

History And Timeline

National Scrapbooking Day is observed on the first Saturday of May every year. People would either purchase specialized notebooks or recycle those they already own.

15th Century

Earliest Scrapbooks

Scrapbooks have been around since the 15th century. Scrapbooks were more than just historical documents; they became a significant aspect of many people's identities.

16th Century

Tracking Relationships

Some people in Europe utilized scrapbooks to keep track of their connections and relationships during the 16th century, according to some evidence.

17th Century

Modern Versions

These scrapbooks were comparable to modern-day yearbooks in which people's autographs, well-wishes, quotations, and more were saved.


Presidential 'Scrapbooker'

President Thomas Jefferson was a well-known scrapbooker. He would gather newspaper and magazine articles that referenced the job his government was performing during his tenure, which lasted from 1801 until 1809.


Permanent Photography

Scrapbooking with photos became fashionable after Joseph Nicephore Niepce’s creation of permanent photography in 1826. People would gather photos and create new scrapbook layouts.

Traditions And Customs 

Typically, National Scrapbook Day on the first Saturday of May is celebrated with family and friends indoors or in a garden, where people gather all their memorable events in photos that record family history and other important events. These photos are then put inside a scrapbook. It is a perfect day to craft and look back at all the important life events that have occurred and celebrate those that are about to come. 

Ways To Celebrate Or Observe National Scrapbooking Day

You can celebrate National Scrapbooking Day by going around and swapping scrapbooks with friends, sharing stories, and reflecting on how far you have all gone in life. Make sure to update your scrapbook with any memories you may have forgotten to record. One of the best ways to celebrate National Scrapbook Day is by reading about the history of the scrapbook on the internet and sharing what you learn with others. Scrapbooking's origins, name changes, riddles, and remarkable notions based on generations of scrapbookers may all be found online. Scrapbooking has a very rich and interesting history.

Facts And Stats 

  • National Scrapbooking Day is observed on the first Saturday of May every year.
  • National Scrapbook Day was founded by Creative Memories in the year 1994.
  • Various events are organized across the US on this special day.

FAQs About National Scrapbooking Day

What day is National Scrapbook Day in 2021?

May 1, 2021, is National Scrapbook Day.

What is the purpose of scrapbooking?

Scrapbooking is a creative and recording pastime that entails filling albums with images, mementos, writing, and decorations. Scrapbooking, also known as cropping, is mostly used to preserve memories for future generations, but it can also be used to develop creativity as you exhibit your memories in a scrapbook.

What is (Inter) National Scrapbook Day?

International Scrapbook Day is a day that is celebrated by all crafters globally. People come together and make memories with their scrapbooks for future generations. Scrapbooks are the perfect tool to record and create beautiful memories.

When is National Scrapbooking Day?

The National Scrapbooking Day was celebrated on May 1, 2021.

Why must kids celebrate National Scrapbooking Day?

On National Scrapbooking Day, kids get to learn the importance of scrapbooks and how they can be used to create memories with their loved ones. It is the perfect opportunity to get their creativity out and make their minds even more creative.

What key role do schools play in celebrating National Scrapbooking Day?

Students organize events on National Scrapbooking Day, which lets children be creative. It helps them to have a more creative and freer mind.

Why is it important for girls?

Scrapbooking helps girls reduce the communication gap with their parents, and they are able to express themselves a lot better.

What are some of the advantages of National Scrapbooking Day?

National Scrapbooking Day brings the opportunity for people to gather together and spend some time with their families and friends in today’s hectic age. People are able to create memories with their loved ones.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
May 02, 2020 Saturday
May 01, 2021 Saturday
May 07, 2022 Saturday
May 06, 2023 Saturday
May 04, 2024 Saturday

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