National Selfie Day
June 21, 2023

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With limited access to the internet, a smartphone, and a little curiosity, you can now learn more about selfies.

The USA has many youngsters who claim to be selfie lovers who click selfies primarily just for fun. Find suitable lighting and snap the perfect image of yourself or your favorite person on National Selfie Day as you celebrate it on June 21.

With the rising popularity of social media platforms and access to smartphones, selfies have become a regular part of our lives. Your phone camera is probably filled with pictures of your face or the perfect pose, and it is absolutely OK! Taking selfies with our cameras when we feel our best self can boost our confidence. So grab your phone and start clicking some selfies.

Where is National Selfie Day celebrated?  

 This day is celebrated in the USA.

Who is National Selfie Day celebrated by?

Selfie enthusiasts, and the people who love clicking portraits, celebrate this day, although anyone can celebrate it.

When did National Selfie Day first start?

 The first celebration of National Selfie Day can be traced back to June 21, 2014.

Who started National Selfie Day?

 DJ Rick McNeely established the National Selfie Day.

Click a picture with your favorite person on this day!

History And Timeline

Below is the timeline that showcases the events that took place over the course of time.


World's First Photograph

Joseph Nicéphore Niépce clicked the world's first photograph in 1826, and it was titled 'View from the Window at Le Gras.'


First Known Selfie

A selfie taken in 1839 was the first known selfie clicked by Robert Cornelius, a pioneer photographer.


First Webcam

The coffee machine located in the Computer Laboratory of the University of Cambridge, England, was known as The Trojan Room coffee pot. Paul Jardetzky and Quentin Stafford-Fraser created a computer called X Coffee to monitor the lone coffee machine.


Selfie Gains Popularity

Selfies gained popularity with the rise of social media networks such as MySpace, where people would snap photos of themselves and share them with their friends. It is also said that an Australian man used the term selfie in 2002.


The Word Got Official

The term selfie was officially entered into the Oxford English Dictionary, and it was also considered the word of the year.

Traditions And Customs

 Taking selfies is a tradition these days. Many people attach their smartphones to selfie sticks and start snapping selfies and sharing them on social media with lovely captions.

People apply filters and use favorite apps like Snapchat, U-Cam, and more to create the perfect photo. Self-portraits are trending these days, and people are lining up at their nearest professional photography stores and clicking their self-portraits with customized frames. Selfie events are held that offer you a sleek open-air photo booth and a new portable wander selfie experience.

Ways To Celebrate National Selfie Day

 You can venture out or stay home and surf the internet and buy a perfect camera suitable for taking selfies at a reasonable price. You can go out with your friends, click some group selfies, and post them on social media accounts such as Facebook or Instagram.

Facts And Stats

  •  On this day, a surprising fact to keep in mind is that the most retweeted message ever on Twitter was Ellen Degeneres' selfie. Carter Wilkerson recently broke her record when she posted her own photo.
  • In Korea, the term 'selca' is used for a self-portrait. This term comes from two words, 'self' and 'camera.' You can impress your friends by stating this fact on National Selfie Day while you guys are celebrating it together!
  • Women take more selfies than men. Keep capturing more such beautiful selfies on this National Selfie Day!
  • Roughly 93 million selfies were taken daily in the year 2014. That's a fantastic fact to remember on this day!
  • If you love taking selfies, another day to celebrate selfies is Museum Selfie Day celebrated on third Wednesdays in January. So take out your cameras and click pictures inside the museums!

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When Is This Day Celebrated


June 21, 2020


June 21, 2021


June 21, 2022


June 21, 2023


June 21, 2024


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