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National Sugar Cookie Day

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Where is National Sugar Cookie Day celebrated?

National Sugar Cookie Day is celebrated widely in the U.S. and a few other neighboring countries. Sugar cookie fans all around the world also participate in celebrations.

Who is National Sugar Cookie Day celebrated by?

National Sugar Cookie Day is celebrated by sugar cookie enthusiasts worldwide as this variety of sweet treats is baked and loved the most globally.

When did National Sugar Cookie Day first start?

The initial date of celebrating National Sugar Cookie Day is not found, yet the event is celebrated everywhere on July 9 annually.

Who started National Sugar Cookie Day?

National Sugar Cookie Day's founder is still a part of the research!

Sugar cookies are one of the most loved baked items.

History And Timeline

Sugar cookies have been a world favorite for quite some time, but did you know its history?

It is believed that sugar cookies were created by German Protestant settlers in Pennsylvania, USA. The settlers made a round cookie with a sweet, buttery dough and named it Nazareth Cookies, which had the shape of a keystone. Later, the Nazareth sugar cookie inspired Americans to bake similar cookies with improved recipes by adding sprinkles, cinnamon, eggs, butter, and more to the dough to multiply its taste. What started as an experiment turned out to be a holiday favorite as people started baking sugar cookies with their own twists and recipes.

Mid 1700s

Sugar Cookies Originated

Sugar cookies were originated by German Protestant settlers in the U.S.


Sugar Cookie Recipe Publishing

Sugar cookies recipes started publishing.


Creation Of Cookie Cutter

Alexander P. Ashbourne created the cookie cutter.


Boston Globe Recipe

The Boston Globe published a sugar cookie recipe without dairy products and added flour, butter, and baking powder.


Pre-Mixed Sugar Cookie Batter

Pillsbury started making pre-mixed sugar cookie batters.

Traditions And Customs

National Sugar Cookie Day customs include baking and decorating cookies to enjoy with family. In addition, cookie exchange parties are a fun event to participate in and get a taste of different cookies. On the other hand, people also try out new recipes or participate in cookie-making competitions for a fun time!

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Sugar Cookie Day

Families can get together and celebrate the day as they bake cookies collectively. Share tasks among members to ease the weight, quicken the process, and cherish the joy of togetherness. Let someone take the dough duty, assign the oven to the other and let your little ones powder sweet sugar over cookies to decorate it without any harm. The results are sure to be a mouth and heart full of sweetness!

Facts And Stats

  • The world's largest cookie was big, 2.4 sq ft (754 sq m).
  • Cookie Monster from Sesame Street enjoys a painted rice cake, not cookies.
  • A sugar cookie's color depends on the amount of sugar in it.
  • The U.S. has a national museum dedicated to cookie cutters in Joplin, Missouri.

FAQs About National Sugar Cookie Day

How do people celebrate National Sugar Cookie Day?

People celebrate National Sugar Cookie Day by baking, decorating, and enjoying delicious cookies.

Who invented sugar cookies?

German Protestant settlers invented sugar cookies by the name Nazareth Cookie.

What is the significance of National Sugar Cookie Day?

The day is to relive fond baking memories by recreating them every year.

When was National Sugar Cookie Day in 2021?

It was on July 9, Thursday

Who started National Sugar Cookie Day and when?

Exact records of the initial date are yet to be found.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
July 09, 2020 Thursday
July 09, 2021 Friday
July 09, 2022 Saturday
July 09, 2023 Sunday
July 09, 2024 Tuesday

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