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National Surgical Oncologist Day

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Where is National Surgical Oncologist Day celebrated?

Although this day is marked in the national calendar of the USA, patients, healthcare workers, students, and the general public observe it in other countries of the world too.

Who is National Surgical Oncologist Day celebrated by?

In 2019 March, a Breast Cancer Organization introduced this day to celebrate the efforts of surgical oncologists towards building a cancer-free society.

When did National Surgical Oncologist Day first start?

The history of this event dates to 2019.

Who started National Surgical Oncologist Day?

This day was started by a Breast Cancer Organization named Lean on Me and Jenni Cherlin.

Celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Day

History And Timeline

Surgical oncologists always try their best to offer patients a happy life. They use different techniques and always upgrade themselves to ensure that the patients feel better after treatment. Here is the history of this particular event.


The First Trained Oncologist.

Dr. Risi was the world's first oncologist trained in surgery. He also treated cancer patients for three decades. He completed his studies in the U.S. and became the first surgical oncologist specializing in breast diseases.

19th century

A Leader In This Sector.

Dr. Risi has treated several patients with the help of cutting-edge diagnostic and surgical techniques that are, even today, the highest standard of professional care across the world. He is known for his efforts and compassion. He has expressed gratitude to his staff for success and appreciated his parents' support and love.


Creation Of A Non-Profit Organization.

A non-profit Breast Cancer organization named Lean On Me was created. Seventy volunteers treated and supported thousands of patients.

2000 to 2019

Raising Funds Throughout The Year.

During this period, the volunteers of the NGO tried their best to diagnose cancer patients and provide the necessary support, including surgery. Also, many enjoyable and exciting fundraising events were conducted by the organization.

March 2019

Introduction Of National Surgical Oncologist day.

On August 22, National Surgical Oncologist day was announced.

Traditions And Customs

Surgical oncologists continuously look for improvements to make the lives easier for cancer patients. From performing needle biopsy, surgery, therapies, they use cutting-edge techniques to cure them. Considering that, it is important to appreciate their efforts and leadership. You can donate some funds to your favorite cancer charity on this day, and you can also show appreciation towards your favorite oncologist. They should also get recognition for the support and dedication they have shown over the years.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Surgical Oncologist Day

Different ways are there to celebrate or observe National Surgical Oncologist Day.

You can host an appreciation lunch for them. Even though it's impossible to bring everyone together and celebrate, you can invite a few of them and enjoy this day. You can call them for lunch and make the doctors feel special by thanking them. Prepare some exclusive healthy dishes and say how they have helped you live a good life.

You can pen down an appreciation note. Send an appreciation note to your oncologist, who has taken care of you or your near and dear ones. Don't miss out on this opportunity to tell them that it would not have been possible to lead such a healthy life without their efforts. You will always remember and appreciate their support.

Create a thank you video for them. You can create a thank you video for all doctors and upload it on social media platforms or YouTube and tag it with hashtags. These posts should encourage their efforts and show them how much you value them.

Facts And Stats

A non-profit Breast Cancer Organization named Lean On Me coined National Surgical Oncologist Day on March 22, 2019.

Over the years, oncologists and medicinal advancements have treated and saved millions of lives battling cancer. Hence, this day is a great way to recognize their hard work.

Did you know cancer treatments are hazardous to health? Thus, the doctors who treat cancer expose themselves to the risks associated with cytotoxic medicines. That's why we must celebrate their selfless contributions towards saving lives.

FAQs About National Surgical Oncologist Day

What does a surgical oncologist do?

surgical oncologist is a specialist who helps diagnose and treat cancer patients. They perform surgeries and other complex procedures to remove a tumor and inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

Who started National Surgical Oncologist Day?

Breast Cancer organization named Lean On Me and Jenni Cherlin started this day.

When is National Surgical Oncologist Day?

It is on August 22 and is celebrated globally.

What is the significance of National Surgical Oncologist Day?

The significance of this day is to recognize the dedication and accomplishments of surgical oncologists.

How do people celebrate National Surgical Oncologist Day?

People make donations to a cancer charity and show appreciation to the specialists for their care.

Why do people celebrate National Surgical Oncologist Day?

National Surgical Oncologist Day is celebrated to let oncologists know their differences in cancer patients' lives.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
August 22, 2020 Saturday
August 22, 2021 Sunday
August 22, 2022 Monday
August 22, 2023 Tuesday
August 22, 2024 Thursday

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