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National US Postage Stamp Day

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Where is National US Postage Stamp Day celebrated? 

This day is celebrated in the United States.

Who is National US Postage Stamp Day celebrated by?

All those inclined toward collecting and documenting stamps in America celebrate this day.

When did National US Postage Stamp Day first start?

This information remains unknown.

Who started National US Postage Stamp Day?

We could not find who or what started this day.

'Penny black' was the first stamp ever

History And Timeline

The US took inspiration from the UK and introduced stamps in 1847. Soon enough, stamps became a compulsory addition to mails in 1855.


Postmarks Introduced In UK

London General Post Office started using postmarks in its mailing service.


London Penny Post

William Dockwra and Robert Murray installed a private mailing service in London and its suburbs.


Constitution Elects First Postmaster General

Samuel Osgood became the first postmaster general in US history.


First Adhesive Stamp

Sir Rowland Hill invented the first adhesive stamp in the UK.


First Stamp In US

The US got its first set of 5 and 10 cents stamps.

Traditions And Customs

The US Postal Service organizes interactive programs in post offices all across the country. People get the opportunity to visit a post office and engage with US postal history. The various philatelic associations put up pictures of rare stamps on social media platforms to celebrate the hobby of stamp collection.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National US Postage Stamp Day

US Postage Stamp Day provides us with the beautiful opportunity to discover the world of stamps. Parents can encourage their children to pick up the hobby of stamp collection. You also have the option of sending a colorful postcard to your best friend!

Facts And Stats

US Postage Stamp Day is celebrated on July 1.

Postal systems like postal stamps, postal rate, and post roads have been an integral part of the US economy, and that is why this day is celebrated.

Stamp dealers and stamp clubs are one of the many examples where this day is celebrated.

FAQs About National US Postage Stamp Day

Do postage stamps have dates?

Yes, most postage stamps have dates on them.

What does the government say about US postage stamp day?

The government honors this day by releasing unique commemorative postal stamps from time to time.

What are some events related to this day?

Not much is known about this day except that the first postage stamps were issued on this very day back in 1847.

What is the history behind this day?

On July 1, 1847, the US Postal Service issued the first stamps in the country. This major event was a precursor to the postage stamp becoming mandatory in 1855.

Who is the founder of this day?

The founder of US Postage Stamp Day remains unknown.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
July 01, 2020 Wednesday
July 01, 2021 Thursday
July 01, 2022 Friday
July 01, 2023 Saturday
July 01, 2024 Monday

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