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No Interruptions Day

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Where is No Interruptions Day celebrated?

No Interruptions Day is celebrated in the US. However, it can be celebrated worldwide as well.

Who is No Interruptions Day celebrated by?

Workaholics and those who are distracted at work celebrate No Interruptions Day in the holiday season by not returning calls to their friends and family.

When did No Interruptions Day start?

The origins of this day are still a mystery to us.

Who started No Interruptions Day?

We do not know who exactly started this day.

On December 31, finish your work quickly and enjoy the New Year's Eve party.

History And Timelines

The exact origins of No Interruptions Day are not known, but several types of research and publications have shown how interruptions affect productivity. Let's have a look at some of the important ones.


Book On Time Management

The book on time management, 'The Power Of Focus' was published around this time.


Publication Of Evidence

Groundbreaking research by the University of California on workplace interruptions was published.


A Book On Distraction

A book, 'iGen' states that smartphones with access to social media platforms lead youth to spend time on their phones longer.


Release Of Workplace Distraction Report

Udemy, an online learning platform, launched a well-researched report on interruptions in the workplace.


Pandemic Induced Interruptions

The sudden surge of COVID-19 and the prolonged lockdown hooked the work from home employees to their devices, thus increasing more interruptions in their work.

Traditions And Customs

Although there are no particular traditions followed on this day, employees and workaholics celebrate this day by engaging themselves in an organized and decent working hour, when they refrain from any kind of social media activity. They set up the 'Do Not Disturb' option on their phones and enjoy working in a quiet nook.

Social media buzzes with the most inspiring post of the day. Many people set their tasks a day before. Since the Christmas and New Year dates are in close proximity to No Interruptions Day, you are bound to receive a lot of distractions. Therefore, the best way to avoid interruptions is by staying aloof for a definite time period without the presence of any gadgets or people.

Ways to Observe Or Celebrate No Interruptions Day

The perfect way to observe No Interruptions Day is by decreasing distractions during your working day and coming up with an organized task list. Since it's the time of New Year and Christmas, you may be easily distracted.

Shut your mobile phone down to avoid interruptions while working. Turn off social media and quit scrolling posts during the day. On completion of your work, you can share your joy about the timely completion of work on social media and can also post about how you celebrated No Interruptions Day without getting interrupted. This way you can also inspire your friends across the globe to become productive.

Facts And Stats

  • On average, people get interrupted by their electronic gadgets and by other means every 11 minutes when busy in a workspace. On this day, be mindful about reducing interruptions at work.
  • This day is celebrated at the workspace to spot this problem on the last work day of the year by workers.
  • The day usually falls on December 31, which is also celebrated as New Year's eve.
  • Other days celebrated in December are Tick Tock Day (December 29) and Bacon Day (December 30).

FAQs About No Interruptions Day

How can celebrating No Interruptions Day rejuvenate you?

Celebrating this day can make you more efficient in your workflow that will eventually make you reach your goal easily. With your work finished earlier, you are free to go home and relax.

Why are employees so excited for No Interruptions Day?

This day allows the employees to hang on the 'Do Not Disturb' sign without any worries of being rude in the workplace. The constant pop-up of notifications delays tasks. Therefore, you can spend quality time engrossed in your work on this day.

What are some advantages of No Interruptions Day?

You can focus on your work and accomplish them within the deadline, without getting distracted. You will face no interruptions from the notifications on your phone or other gadgets. Thus, a productive workday gives you more time to enjoy the evening of December 31.

Who originally directed No Interruptions Day?

We do not know about the founder of this day.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
December 31, 2020 Thursday
December 31, 2021 Friday
December 30, 2022 Friday
December 29, 2023 Friday
December 31, 2024 Tuesday

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