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Packaging Design Day

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Where is Packaging Design Day celebrated?  

 National Packaging Design Day is a national event celebrated in the US. The event is celebrated all over the country.

Who is Packaging Design Day celebrated by?

Packaging designers mostly celebrate this national event. Aside from them, anyone who likes or values the art of package designing can celebrate this national day.

When did Packaging Design Day first start?

National Packaging Design Day came into existence on April 22, 2015. The people of the United States celebrated this national day for the first time on May 7 of the same year.

Who started Packaging Design Day?

Design Packaging Inc. started National Packaging Design Day.

Packaging and designing is a craft that needs appreciation.

History And Timeline

Package designing has been around for centuries now. Due to its importance in modern-day marketing, this craft has attained a national event for its celebration. Here, we will discuss the history and timeline of this famous craft and also the national day.


Invention Of Cardboard Box

England invents paper cardboard boxes for the first time.


Commercial Production Of Paper Bags

In 1844, England began the commercial production of paper bags.


Invention Of Bag-Making Machine

In 1852, Francis Wolle invented the bag-making machine in the United States. Later, this machine opened the path for the commercial production of glued paper bags.


Founding Of The Event

Design Packaging Inc. started National Packaging Design Day. The event aimed at celebrating the art of package designing. It also intended to appreciate all package design professionals.


Seventh Anniversary Of Packaging Design Day

On May 7, 2022, the people of the United States celebrated the seventh anniversary of National Packaging Design Day.

Traditions And Customs

Package designing is an old practice that has become an integral part of modern-day marketing. Nowadays, companies use this craft for multiple purposes. For example, the package protects the product and, at the same time, carries several valuable information on it. Companies also try to use unique designs to attract new customers. Celebrate this national holiday by making your own package design. You can later use it to wrap a gift for any of your friends or family members.

Ways To Celebrate Packaging Design Day

This is the perfect day for meeting some packaging design professionals. So, if you know anyone who belongs to this profession, then go and meet them. You can also bring them a gift as a gesture of appreciation.

If you, by any chance, have an inspiring designer in your friend circle, then give a shout-out to that person on social media. This way, you can also raise awareness among others about this art form and the national event.

Many organizations hold packaging design workshops on National Packaging Design Day. You can participate in one of those workshops to celebrate National Packaging Design Day.

Facts And Stats

  • The first paper cardboard box was invented in 1817. Back then, no one thought that someday there would be a national event to celebrate the craft of package design.
  • With time, package designing became an integral part of most businesses. As a result, Design Packaging Inc. started National Packaging Design Day in 2015.
  • In 2023, the United States will celebrate the eighth anniversary of this national event.

FAQs About Packaging Design Day

What is designing for packaging?

It is the process through which a package receives illustrations and valuable information about a product. It is also the way a package is presented.


How long does it take to design a packaging?

Depending on the nature and type, the process can take somewhere from a couple of weeks to several months.

What is a packaging design example?

The box of a cell phone is an excellent example of a packaging design.


How do you quote a packaging design?

It depends on certain factors. These are the size of the packaging, the quality of the graphic detail, and also the typography used in the process.


How can I make my packaging interesting?

By using a creative packaging design, you can make your packaging interesting. You will find many creative ideas on the internet. One such example is applying pattern design to your packaging.


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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
May 07, 2021 Friday
May 07, 2022 Saturday
May 07, 2023 Sunday
May 07, 2024 Tuesday
May 07, 2025 Wednesday

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