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Pillow Fight Day 

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Where is Pillow Fight Day celebrated? 

International Pillow Fight Day is celebrated in cities worldwide. The Pillow Fight, which takes place in early April, is an international celebration. Since 2007, the Pillow Fight has occurred in over 15 locations worldwide, including Berlin, London, Paris, and Tokyo. This isn't just for a good time. The items used in the fights are donated to homeless shelters and recycled.

Who is Pillow Fight Day celebrated by?

The people of New York generally celebrate International Pillow Fight Day, but now it has global participation. On the first Saturday in April, the Pillow Fight Day events are commemorated. Since it is observed globally, practically every country participates in this unofficial holiday. They take out their fluffy cushions with feathers and use them as simple weapons to attack other individuals in the most gentle manner possible. Everyone is urged to join in on the festivities to have a good time and get rid of stress.

When did Pillow Fight Day first start?

The first pillow battle in history occurred in March 2008, and since then, the severity of pillow fights on the street with a soft pillow has increased rapidly.

Who started Pillow Fight Day?

Organizer Kevin Bracken first launched an international pillow fight in 2008. Since then, people have had a lot of fun during pillow fighting.

Pillow fighting is fun to celebrate with soft pillows on World Pillow Fight Day.

History And Timeline

The history of the pillow starts with its introduction in 7000BCE. Later, we can find multiple pieces of evidence related to the pillows used for mummies. Here is a timeline you must read about.

7000 BCE

The Roots Of The Pillow

Pillows can be traced back to 7000 BCE in ancient Egypt. At that time, only the wealthy used a pillow.

2005-1985 B.C

Pillows With Mummies

The pillows that we're discovered from mummies and tombs are made of stone or wood

1115-1234 CE

Pillows From The Jin Era

The pillows made of soft fabric started to become popular during the Chinese Jin empire.

19th century

Pillows Become Popular

During the industrial revolution, pillows gained popularity as they became more affordable. The pillows were soft and hence gained more popularity. Therefore, more people could afford pillows by this time.

March 2008

Launch Of A Pillow Fight

The inaugural International Pillow Fight was held in March 2008, and since then, activities have been held worldwide. After the battle, participants were encouraged to be courteous and assist in cleaning up the debris. Big pillow battles will be held in cities worldwide on that day, including London, Rotterdam, Seattle, and many others.

Traditions And Customs

On this day, people enjoy conducting pillow battles with friends and family. A flash mob is also a common sight in New York City.

Ways To Celebrate International Pillow Fight Day

International Pillow Fight Day can be commemorated in a variety of ways. You may either host your pillow battle and invite your friends and family members, or you can quickly join one of the scheduled pillow fights in cities near you. Challenge your roommates, neighbors, friends, and cousins to a pillow fight war, and enjoy the ultimate get-together in the Pillow Fight Royal Battle arena. A flash mob is also organized on this day.

Facts And Stats

  • The largest pillow fight flash mob was organized on the first Pillow Fight Day, dated as of March 22, 2008.
  • Over 25 cities participated in the first International Pillow Fight Day with an estimate of 5000 people in New York itself.
  • There is an official Pillow Fight Day page on Facebook.

FAQs About Pillow Fight Day 

Who invented the concept of pillow fight?

Kevin Bracken introduced the pillow fight in cities.

Why do we celebrate Pillow Fight Day?

International Pillow Fight Day is celebrated to fight stress, and it's a fun activity overall.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
April 04, 2020 Saturday
April 03, 2021 Saturday
April 02, 2022 Saturday
April 01, 2023 Saturday
April 06, 2024 Saturday

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