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Pluto Demoted Day

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Where is Pluto Demoted Day celebrated?  

 Pluto Demoted Day is celebrated in the United States on August 24 every year.

Who is Pluto Demoted Day celebrated by?

Pluto Demoted Day is celebrated by all astronomers, space lovers, and the scientific community.

When did Pluto Demoted Day first start?

Pluto Demoted Day started in 2006 as it was the year when Pluto was demoted to a dwarf planet.

Who started Pluto Demoted Day?

When Pluto was taken off as a solar system planet, astronomers thought it would be harsh for Pluto's status, so they started this Pluto Demoted Day.

Pluto is very reflective and shiny due to its ice and nitrogen.

History And Timeline

Pluto's name came from the Roman god. It was the ninth planet in our solar system. Pluto's icy world is icy cold and is just outside the orbit of Neptune. They found out that Pluto is very far, and also it has five moons, four smaller moons, and one bigger moon called Charon that spins faster than others. Hydra is one of Pluto's moons that can spin 89 times, whereas other moons wobble like a spinning top. This dwarf planet has a thin atmosphere containing methane, nitrogen, and carbon monoxide, making it impossible for humanity to thrive. A massive iceberg that occupies over three-quarters of the planet has a heart- shape on it.


Discovery Of Planet Pluto

Clyde Tombaugh was the first scientist who discovered this planet. In 1929 Clyde Tombaugh joined Lowell Observatory and took part in this mission of discovering Pluto.


Gift To His Beloved Wife

Charon is the largest moon on planet Pluto. James Christy discovered it in Naval Observatory in Washington D.C. Christy considered naming the moon after his wife, Charline, and after brainstorming, he named the moon SHAR-ON (Cheron).


Left Astronomers In Confusion

According to IAU, planets are something that has cosmic power, has a round shape, and when it orbits the sun, it clears the neighborhood around its orbit. Pluto doesn't match the third criteria. And this led to confusion among astronomers about Pluto's status as a planet.


One More Planet

In 2005, some speculated that Eris would be considered the 10th planet. Initially, they thought Eris would be a little bigger than Pluto discovered in the Kuiper belt. But Eris is 27% bigger than Pluto. If Pluto had remained as the ninth planet, we might have designated Eris as the tenth.


Planet Pluto's Demotion

Pluto was never driven out of the solar system, but in 2006 it was named as a dwarf planet for failing to meet criteria that all planets in the solar system must meet.

Traditions And Customs

There are no particular traditions that are followed on this day. On Pluto Demoted day, many people take their kids to the space museum, talk about astronomers, learn about dwarf planets. Some also do stargazing on Pluto Demoted Day.

Ways To Celebrate Pluto Demoted Day

There are different ways to celebrate Pluto Demoted Day, like celebrating Pluto's previous status that was there for 76 years. Taking children to the planetariums, NASA and teaching them about the solar system. Learn more about the solar system like the sun, comets, planets.

Facts And Stats

  • Pluto is now called Asteroid 134340. Learn such interesting facts about Pluto on Pluto Demoted Day.
  • An astronomer named Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto in the '30s in the Lowell observatory. It was considered a planet at first but later demoted to the status of a dwarf planet. This day is celebrated to remember all the years when Pluto was considered a planet.
  • Astronomers used extremely powerful telescopic images that were taken by the Hubble space telescope to learn more about Planet Pluto. This made it clear to them that Pluto did not meet all the criteria of a true planet. The day when scientists decided to demote it from the status of the planet is celebrated as Pluto Demoted Day.

FAQs About Pluto Demoted Day

When was Pluto demoted?

Planet Pluto was demoted in the year 2006.

What are some important facts about Pluto Demoted Day?

Pluto Demoted Day was started in the year 2006. This day is observed every year on August 24th. This day gives us an opportunity to study the journey of Pluto from being a planet to becoming a dwarf planet.

What are some advantages of celebrating Pluto Demoted Day?

This day helps us get familiar with other planets, and it also helps us know more about the history and reasons behind the demotion of planet Pluto.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
August 24, 2020 Monday
August 24, 2021 Tuesday
August 24, 2022 Wednesday
August 24, 2023 Thursday
August 24, 2024 Saturday

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