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Ribbon Candy Day

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Where is Ribbon Candy Day celebrated?  

 This day is observed across the United States.

Who is Ribbon Candy Day celebrated by?

 This day can be observed by anyone who loves and enjoys candy.

When did Ribbon Candy Day first start?

 This day has been observed annually since 1998.

Who started Ribbon Candy Day?

This day was first started by Judy Pancoast, a resident of New Hampshire. Judy's father only wanted a box of ribbon candy on his birthday. So when he passed away, Judy decided to celebrate by giving the box she bought for her father to someone else.

Ribbon candy day is observed by gifting this delicious treat.

History And Timeline

Among the traditional Christmas treats in parts of America, the popularity of these sweets is once again on the rise. Here's a brief history.

Sixth And Fourth Centuries BCE

Candy Production Began

The Persians and Greeks discovered sugarcane in India. Early candy was produced in this region by boiling sugarcane juice.

18th century

Candy Came To America

This sweet treat came to America from Britain and France.


Crimpers Were Invented

Mechanical crimpers were invented to shape ribbon-like candy.


Ribbon Candy Was Made In The US

Among the first companies to make ribbon candy was F.B. Washburn Candy company in Brockton, Massachusetts.


Candy Manufacture On A Large Scale Began

Due to the lack of proper equipment and machinery, this type of candy was never manufactured on a large scale. However, with more automated machinery that could work faster, this candy could be made on a large scale.

Traditions And Customs

 In the spirit of Christmas, buying boxes of this hard candy to gift your family and friends during the holiday season is a perfect tradition to start on this day.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Ribbon Candy Day

 You can learn about how ribbon candy is made and try making ribbon candies at home for your family and friends. If you have never tried ribbon candy, this day is a perfect time to start.

Facts And Stats

  • Ribbon Candy Day is perfect for bringing this treat that is becoming rare to the spotlight.
  • If you're thinking of ordering some of it to celebrate Ribbon Candy Day, then be rest assured that the special packaging developed by manufacturers of this delicate treat ensures that it does not shatter or break on the way.
  • The sugar is colored in traditional Christmas hues of red and white, making it perfect for celebrating Ribbon Candy Day and as a decoration for the holidays.

FAQs About Ribbon Candy Day

Was ribbon candy discontinued?

Although it can be a bit difficult to find, a few stores still sell ribbon candy.

What does ribbon candy taste like?

White ribbons taste like vanilla, others taste sweet, whereas some could taste like mint.

Why are some people excited about Ribbon Candy Day?

For most people that stay in New England, USA, the Christmas festive season would not be complete without eating and gifting thin and delicate ribbon candy. Therefore Ribbon Candy Day is observed to celebrate this treat.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
December 20, 2020 Sunday
December 20, 2021 Monday
December 20, 2022 Tuesday
December 20, 2023 Wednesday
December 20, 2024 Friday

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