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School Lunch Hero Day

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Where is School Lunch Hero Day celebrated?  

The day is celebrated annually on the first Friday in May in all public schools across America.

Who is School Lunch Hero Day celebrated by?

School Authorities and different communities celebrate this auspicious day.

When did School Lunch Hero Day first start?

This holiday was started in 2012, on May 4, and ever since School Lunch Hero Day has been celebrated on the first Friday in May.

Who started School Lunch Hero Day?

School Lunch Hero Day was initiated by Jarrett Krosoczka (author of the 'Lunch Lady' series) and the School Nutrition Association.

For a Lunch Hero, every child's well-being, happiness, and safety is important, and offering service in providing delicious, good food is of utmost priority.

History And Timeline

Illustrator and author of children's publications, Jarrett Krosoczka, created School Lunch Hero Day to honor his childhood lunch lady, who remembered him after a long time when he returned to his old school. The first School Lunch Hero Day was celebrated on May 4, 2012, to acknowledge his lunch lady and childhood food service employees and professionals. The nutrition professionals include cafeteria workers and the people who design and implement nutritious meals for students in school. They make sure each child is fed. This day was designed to show the acknowledgment they deserve but never demand.


Creation Of Lunch Program

The National Lunch Program was created by an act of the US Congress.


Schools Offer Breakfast

The Child Nutrition Act established The School Breakfast Program.


Three-Year Pilot Program For Summer

The Special Food Service Program (SFSP) was created for child welfare during the summer.


Separation Of Two Components

Two components of the pilot program were authorized as Child Care Food Program and Summer Food Service Program.


Official Name Change

The name was officially changed to The Child and Adult Care Food Program.

Traditions And Customs

School Lunch Hero Day is celebrated to remember the smiling faces of those who serve lunch at school and make school cafeterias a better place. No particular traditions are followed on this day, and each school celebrates it differently.

On this day, parents, directors, school staff, managers, and students come together to thank caterers who deserve recognition.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate School Lunch Hero Day

Organizing a hero lunch for the lunch heroes from the students and teachers would be a good idea. Create a banner and tell them they are great, say a loud thank you! 

Have students or school staff recognize the true heroes in the morning announcements or school TV shows. Share your School Lunch Hero Day celebration photos on social media. Make the day memorable by inviting parents to celebrate with the heroes. Acknowledge your heroes with an award. 

Facts And Stats

  • Schools celebrate the day to highlight the importance of school lunches to the overall community and to help keep the program funded.
  • School Lunch Hero Day acknowledges the mid-day meal professionals in school cafeterias.
  • Apart from preparing nutritious meals for America's students, they also take care of student allergies.

FAQs About School Lunch Hero Day

What day is National Lunch Hero Day?

Every year, the first Friday in May (inspired by the author of 'Lunch Lady' series) is Lunch Hero Day.

Do students enjoy school lunches?

50% of students enjoy school lunches. For some, healthy meals are better than their mom's!

Why do we need lunch in school?

School lunches ensure that students get a healthy meal each day.

Who inspired School Lunch Hero Day?

The School Nutrition Authority and author Jarrett Krosoczka created the idea to recognize the school lunch heroes.

What are some cost-effective advantages of School Lunch Hero Day?

Free or reduced-rate lunch in school lowers insecurity as education costs will not be such a burden.

What are some advantages of celebrating School Lunch Hero Day?

Celebrating the day acknowledges the importance of healthy meals in schools.

How do families celebrate School Lunch Hero Day?

Families take part in the celebrations along with their children and school staff by saying thank you to all the lunch providers.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
May 01, 2020 Friday
May 07, 2021 Friday
May 06, 2022 Friday
May 05, 2023 Friday
May 03, 2024 Friday

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