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Singles Awareness Day

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Where is Singles Awareness Day celebrated? 

Singles Awareness Day is observed in the United States.

Who is Singles Awareness Day celebrated by?

The day is mainly celebrated by single people in America, who celebrate life on their terms.

When did Singles Awareness Day first start?

With a week-long glorification of romantic love, February was all about couples adorning each other with flowers, chocolates, gifts, and what not! Naturally, the month itself was a reminder to all the single people of their lives without other partners. The day first started in 2001 when some high school students began appreciating their singlehood and promoted self-love over romance.

Who started Singles Awareness Day?

Dustin Barnes first initiated Single's Awareness Day to celebrate singlehood. He encouraged his single friends to celebrate the joy of being alone and treating themselves right!

Single people are less stressed than those who are committed

History And Timeline

Ever since the introduction of Singles Awareness Day, people started developing confidence in themselves. The impact was so huge that people were much more comfortable in being single than in a relationship. A 2010 report states that more than 50% of adults have pledged never to marry!


Designated Day For Singles

The day was officially registered, as Justin Barnes declared himself the event's creator in his blog post.


Single Mothers On The Rise

Data revealed that babies born to single mothers experienced a hike than the year before.


Music Video For singles

Joseph Vincent launched a music video for singles that hit two million views on YouTube.


Single Women Heading Families

In 2019, households being led by single women stood at 22.6%.


Social Media Havoc

The global pandemic led to people observing this day at home. Hashtags on Instagram and Twitter crossed stats of 55,000 and 78,000 posts, respectively.

Traditions And Customs

On this day, singles prefer wearing green which acts as a stark opposite to the red of Valentine's Day. Some people also go all black to signify the absence of color. But these are not mandatory. What is needed is to treat yourself on this day and have fun enjoying your life!

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Singles Awareness Day

There are way too many ways to recognize this day, too many to count! This day is made for you to have some 'me time.' So get ready with your pajamas and do what you feel like at home. You can also grab your single friends and take a detour to someplace without the overflowing pink and red of Valentine's Day, or have a fun party and dinner. If you are feeling adventurous, try speed dating and meet more people who are out to appreciate the day.

Facts And Stats

  • Singles Awareness Day is a great day to celebrate love in other relationships like friendships and parent-child relationships. On this day, get together with your friend or families to celebrate these relationships!
  • Studies show that a single person is less stressed and sleeps better than their committed peers. To celebrate self-love, you can watch movies that focus on self-love.
  • Many singles tend to plan a getaway to Brazil prior to this day as Brazil celebrates Valentine's Day in June and is detached from the corny decorative. It is also a great time to catch the Brazilian Carnival.

FAQs About Singles Awareness Day

How do we celebrate Singles Awareness Day?

This versatile occasion does not need a rule book. Feel free to enjoy yourselves the way you want and promote the day even more.

What is the significance of Singles Awareness Day?

The sole purpose of Singles Awareness Day is to celebrate self-love and focus on different forms of platonic love spread out around us. The day is also responsible for replacing negative connotations of being single with feelings of fulfillment and appreciation for one's life.

Why do people celebrate Singles Awareness Day?

People resort to self-care and treating themselves for leading an independent life. Some also utilize this day to have a small staycation far from home.

Who started Singles Awareness Day?

Dustin Barnes initiated the event in his high school in America.

What is the history and origin of Singles Awareness Day?

When February was all about the celebration of Valentine's Day and the glorification of romantic love, Dustin decided to create a local celebration of singlehood in his high school. They would exchange gifts among themselves and highlight their single status. The day moved with Dustin to Mississippi State University where the movement gained more popularity as his single peers would now look forward to February and excitedly make it past the Valentine's Day celebrations. The day was not only an antithesis to Valentine's Day but also contributed majorly to making singles feel good about their lives.

In which countries do people celebrate Singles Awareness Day?

The day is an unofficial celebration in the US and is gaining momentum with the help of social media. The United Kingdom also celebrates the occasion on the same day, but its origin remains unknown. China also attributes a day to its single people on November 11, known as Singles' Day or Bachelor's Day.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
February 15, 2020 Saturday
February 15, 2021 Monday
February 15, 2022 Tuesday
February 15, 2023 Wednesday
February 15, 2024 Thursday

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