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Woodie Wagon Day

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Where is Woodie Wagon Day celebrated?  

Woodie Wagon Day is celebrated in the United States.

Who is Woodie Wagon Day celebrated by?

Everyone interested in automobiles, especially cars and vintage cars can celebrate Woodie Wagon Day.

When did Woodie Wagon Day first start?

It is unknown when Woodie Wagon Day first started, but it is celebrated on the third Saturday of July.

Who started Woodie Wagon Day?

It is not known who started Woodie Wagon Day.

Woodie wagons or cars also were used in Hollywood movies after they became famous due to companies like Ford.

History And Timeline

A woodie wagon is a station wagon whose body is made of wood instead of steel. Once woodies gained popularity, many manufacturers started producing them in bulk, especially carmakers such as Ford. Though woodies were in demand and famous, making these vehicles became difficult due to the extensive work and cost. Companies such as Ford even started growing their own trees that they could cut and use to produce woodies. As the production of woodie wagons became more difficult and expensive, the demand for them also reduced gradually. The production of wagons officially stopped in the '50s. Later, when steel cars came onto the market, woodie wagons also reduced.

1st Century BC

Invention Of Wagon

A vehicle was invented with four wheels and pulled by animals.


Woodie Wagon Origination

A classic wagon, the woodie wagon, was invented, and the bodywork was made of wood in place of steel during the war.


Ford's Bulk Production

Ford built its first set of woodie wagons in mass production.


Woodie Wagons Gaining Popularity

Woodie wagons started gaining popularity after Ford made mass production of these classic wagons.


Fall In Sales

Woodie wagons sales started decreasing due to the difficulty in making them and the cost involved. 

Traditions And Customs

There are no particular traditions and customs related to Woodie Wagon Day. It is even unknown when and who started the celebration of Woodie Wagon Day, but it is celebrated on the third Saturday of July every year to recognize this classic wagon.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Woodie Wagon Day

To observe Woodie Wagon Day, we can visit a vintage car showroom, try going on a woodie ride, or watch a short film or documentary about the history of vintage cars or woodies.

Facts And Stats

  • Celebrate this day by developing a slideshow on woodie wagons and showing it to schoolchildren to show them the significance of this wagon in human history.
  • On this day share your old woodie wagon pictures on social media and tag your friends and family.
  • The price of a woodie wagon by Ford cost $45 in 1962. Learn about the history and development of the woodie wagon on this day.

FAQs About Woodie Wagon Day

What is the significance of Woodie Wagon Day?

This day is observed in honor of woodie wagons and the people who invented them.

Who made the woodie station wagon?

Woodie station wagons were first made by Henry Ford.

What was the last car with wood paneling?

The Super Estate Wagon and the Roadmaster Estate Wagon by Buick were the last manufactured with wood paneling in the year 1953.

Do they still make woodie cars?

Manufacturers do not make any woodie cars anymore.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
July 18, 2020 Saturday
July 17, 2021 Saturday
July 16, 2022 Saturday
July 15, 2023 Saturday
July 20, 2024 Saturday

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