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World Arthritis Day

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Where is World Arthritis Day observed?

World Arthritis Day, as the name suggests, is observed globally. Health organizations of developed and developing countries are trying to spread awareness about the condition. Many international organizations are also working to help people globally, including the underdeveloped and less privileged areas.

Who is World Arthritis Day observed by?

Health experts and practitioners observe world Arthritis Day to raise awareness about rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases. It is also observed by patients and their families, non-profit organizations, and individual volunteers who wish to help people and make a difference.

When did World Arthritis Day first start?

This day was first observed in the year 1996.

Who started World Arthritis Day?

The Arthritis and Rheumatism International (ARI) recognized October 12 as World Arthritis Day.

Although arthritis commonly develops at the later stages of one's life, that is not always the case.

History And Timeline

The Arthritis and Rheumatism International Foundation first observed World Arthritis Day to raise awareness about this rheumatic disease among the medical community, the general public, and patients with rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases by communicating the benefits of an early diagnosis. October 12 started being observed as World Arthritis Day every year since then.

4500 BC

Arthritis Was Mentioned

The first mentions of arthritis can be dated back to some texts from 4500 BC.

123 AD

First Rheumatoid Arthritis Description

A text that dates back to 123 AD was found to describe symptoms that resembled rheumatoid arthritis.


'De Arthritide Symptomatica'

One of the earliest known texts that described rheumatoid arthritis in detail was published by William Musgrave, known as 'De Arthritide Symptomatica,' which soon became one of the most important publications on arthritis.


First Scientific Research

French physician Dr. Augustin Jacob Landré-Beauvais laid out the first-ever recognized description of rheumatoid arthritis.


'Rheumatoid Arthritis' Termed

British rheumatologist Dr. Alfred Baring Garrod coined the term 'rheumatoid arthritis' in 1859.


First Drug

Salicylates (aspirin), the first-ever drug to relieve pain and inflammation, was discovered.

Traditions And Customs

WAD aims to raise global awareness about arthritis and the importance of an early diagnosis. It also focuses on raising awareness among arthritis patients about proper medical support and the significance of physical therapy to fight the condition.

Ways To Observe World Arthritis Day 

WAD can be observed among medical communities attempting to raise public awareness about the impacts of arthritis, a disease that affects the joints. It aims at highlighting the benefits of early detection of the disease.

If you want to join the arthritis awareness campaign and help raise global awareness, don't hesitate to look up events related to WAD that you can participate in. Many people use this day as a chance to understand more about the disease, do research, and help their loved ones affected by it.

Facts And Stats

  • This day is a means to spread awareness about arthritis and its effects on humans. The more people know, the more they will be able to avail treatments at the right time. Other such awareness days include World Cerebral Palsy Day, World Osteoporosis Day, and more.
  • WAD is an opportunity for people who are affected by the condition, their families, and caregivers to come together and share their experiences; this is promoted by organizations working towards mental health care on this day.
  • World Mental Health Day also falls in the same month, on October 12, and joint campaigns for World Arthritis Day and World Mental Health Day can be organized.

FAQs About World Arthritis Day

Why do we observe Arthritis Day?

World Arthritis Day is observed to raise awareness about arthritis.

What is the significance of World Arthritis Day?

WAD helps people learn about the existence and impact of RMDs.

Is arthritis a normal part of aging?

Although arthritis does develop with age, studies have proved that age is not the only factor involved in the development of arthritis. Arthritis may result from specific cellular processes associated with aging, but it has been suggested that arthritic changes to cartilage and joints are caused by more than just aging.

Is walking good if you have arthritis?

You might worry that walking can put stress on your joints and worsen your pain. However, the truth is completely the opposite. While walking, your knee joints receive more blood and nutrients. At the same time, it is important not to push your body too hard or beyond what it can handle. Please consult a medical professional for the best advice according to your individual condition.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
October 12, 2020 Monday
October 12, 2021 Tuesday
October 12, 2022 Wednesday
October 12, 2023 Thursday
October 12, 2024 Saturday

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