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World Belly Dance Day

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Where is World Belly Dance Day celebrated?  

World Belly Dance Day is an international event and is celebrated all over the world.

Who is World Belly Dance Day celebrated by?

 Dancers and dance enthusiasts from all around the globe celebrate World Belly Dance Day.

When did World Belly Dance Day first start?

The origin of World Belly Dance Day is unknown.

Who started World Belly Dance Day?

The creator of World Belly Dance Day still remains unidentified.

Belly dancers shaking their hips while performing in the dance hall

History And Timeline

Belly dance has a long and exciting history. Here, we will see some major events that took place in its journey to the present day.

430 BC

Earliest Record Of Belly Dancing

Herodotus, the Greek historian, described this Egyptian dance form in his writings.


Belly Dance Enters America

Belly dance entered the United States in the 1890s.


Arab Dancers Settle In America

A number of belly dancers from Arab states immigrated to the United States in the '30s.


Nagwa Fouad Travels The World

Nagwa Fouad, an eminent Egyptian belly dancer, began performing worldwide.

21st century

Belly Dancers on YouTube

YouTube gave aspiring dancers from all around the globe a platform to demonstrate their art.

Traditions And Customs

Belly dance is one of the most respected dance forms in the world. Historians believe that the dance form originated in ancient Egypt. Even Herodotus, the Greek historian, described belly dance in his writings. The best way to celebrate this international event is to learn more about this famous dance form.

Ways To Celebrate World Belly Dance Day

Watching some belly dance performances will be a great way to observe this famous event. At the end of the day, share something nice on social media. It will inform your friends about World Belly Dance Day and encourage them to celebrate it as well.

Facts And Stats

  • Belly dance was considered a great way to help strengthen stomach muscles of a woman, which aids in childbirth. This was how the dance form started in ancient times.
  • The continuous movement of the stomach also strengthens the spinal column.
  • In French, belly dancing is called 'danse du ventre', which means 'dance of stomach'.

FAQs About World Belly Dance Day

Can belly dancing flatten your stomach?

No, belly dancing does not flatten your stomach. However, it can strengthen your core and help you develop stronger abs.


How to celebrate World Belly Dance Day?

Belly dance is an ancient art form. You can spend this day by learning more about its history and origin.


What is the main purpose of belly dancing?

Like most art forms, belly dance is also a means of entertainment.


What is a belly dance culture?

Belly dance belongs to both Arabic and Egyptian cultures.


When was the first World Belly Dance Day celebrated?

The origin of World Belly Dance Day remains a mystery.


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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
May 08, 2021 Saturday
May 14, 2022 Saturday
May 13, 2023 Saturday
May 11, 2024 Saturday
May 10, 2025 Saturday

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