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World Day Against Cyber Censorship

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Where is World Day Against Cyber Censorship celebrated?  

The day is dedicated to the worldwide protest against web censorship, and it is observed all over the world.

Who is World Day Against Cyber Censorship celebrated by?

Individuals and organizations that fight for online freedom, free speech of internet users, and unrestricted internet observe World Day against Cyber Censorship.

When did World Day Against Cyber Censorship first start?

The day was first celebrated on March 12, 2008, in Paris.

Who started World Day Against Cyber Censorship?

An international non-governmental and non-profit organization called Reporters Without Borders started this event.

You have the right to express your views freely; don't let anyone put a curb on that.

History And Timeline

It's been a long time since the governments of various countries started curbing internet freedom. Let's see some of the historical events related to this day.


The Formation Of RSF

In 1985, Robert Ménard, Jacques Molénat, Rémy Loury, and Émilien Jubineau established Reprotersh Without Borders (RSF) in Montpellier, France. In 1995, RSF was registered as a non-profit organization.


Enemies Of The Internet List

Initiated in 2006, the list marks those countries that are 'enemies of the internet.'


List Of Countries Under Surveillance

One year after the 'Enemies of the Internet' list, RSF initiated another list called 'Countries Under Surveillance.' Here, they marked the countries that went in the wrong direction when it came to the internet users' right to free speech and expression.


Founding of the Day

The Secretary-General of RSF, Jean-François Julliard, and the Executive Director of Amnesty International, Larry Cox, requested the CEOs of Microsoft, Yahoo!, and Google to observe the day.


Netizen Prize Begins

Two years after the founding of the day, RSF started Netizen Prize to honor a group or a person who has fought significantly against the internet restrictions placed by different governments.

Traditions And Customs

Nowadays, finding blocked websites is nothing special. In countries where the media is under the government's control, these incidents happen on regular basis. In this situation, the internet remains the only source of authentic information. So, on this day, do something to support and protect your free access to the web.

Ways To ObserveWorld Day Against Cyber Censorship

You can learn more about online freedom and internet filtering all over the world. Show your support to organizations who are protesting against controlled media and are fighting for freedom of expression and speech.

Finally, use your online connections to raise awareness among people of the dangers of cyber censorship and encourage them to observe this event.

Facts And Stats

  •  In 2014, the United States found a place in the 'Enemies of the Internet' list. Remembering this, every American internet user should observe the day to support free speech on the web.
  • In the Middle East (Iran, Syria, Turkey, and many others), internet censorship still remains rampant. It is something to think about on World Day Against Cyber Censorship.
  • This year will be observing the 14th anniversary of this international event.

FAQs About World Day Against Cyber Censorship

What is the significance of World Day Against Cyber Censorship?

The Internet is a place where we shouldn't be detained from expressing our views freely. This event encourages organizations and governments to maintain this freedom.

Why do people celebrate World Day Against Cyber Censorship?

Because this day allows us to protest against online surveillance and support the freedom of speech.

Should we celebrate World Day Against Cyber Censorship?

Of course! The internet should be accessible to everyone, and we all have the freedom of posting and sharing our thoughts and views without any restriction.

What are some related days?

International Day of Democracy and National Freedom of Information Day.

Who celebrates World Day Against Cyber Censorship?

People who understand and value the importance of free speech and expression observe the day.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
March 12, 2020 Thursday
March 12, 2021 Friday
March 12, 2022 Saturday
March 12, 2023 Sunday
March 12, 2023 Sunday

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