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World Emoji Day

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Where is World Emoji Day celebrated?  

 World Emoji Day is celebrated worldwide on July 17 every year.

Who is World Emoji Day celebrated by?

 Anyone across the globe can celebrate world Emoji Day.

When did World Emoji Day first start?

 This day was first celebrated in 2014.

Who started World Emoji Day?

 Jeremy Burge, the founder of Emojipedia, started World Emoji Day.

Tweet your favorite emoji and respond to texts using emoji on July 17.

History And Timeline

Below is a timeline highlighting the events that led to the replacement of emoticons with emoji an ideogram.

62-14 BC

First Evidence of Postal Service

The earliest form of postal service can be traced back to Augustus Ceaser's reign. This means the earliest forms of communication across great distances were through letters.


Invention Of Optical Telegraph

The telegraph was invented this year. The telegraph enabled messages to be delivered over a long distance much faster.


Earliest Forms Of The Internet

CompuServe, which is the earliest form of the internet, was developed. 


Improved Network Technology

Improvement in network technology was observed. A platform known as Usenet was established in 1979, allowing its users to communicate using virtual newsletters.


Use of Icons

An instant messaging software, AIM uses icons to express reactions in a conversation.

February 4, 2004

Emergence Of Facebook

A sophomore student from Harvard, known as Mark Zuckerberg, launched a social media app called Facebook, and its purpose was to connect Harvard students with one another. This site became the user of billions of emojis daily.

Traditions And Customs

The celebration of this day is incomplete with the Anticipated Emoji Award World Emoji Awards to give out several prizes to popular emojis. People make DIY emoticon cushion and decorate their houses. Youngsters post various captions on social media, spreading the importance of emojis in conveying our emotions. As a tradition, several companies like Google use this day to update their emoji library, and various social media channels have changed calendar emoji to reflect this day!

Ways To Celebrate World Emoji Day

You would be surprised to learn new ways to celebrate this day. You can dress up as your favorite emoji just how you dress up for Halloween parties. Dress up hilariously, and channel your behavior according to the emoji. You can also tweet or send an email written with only your best friend's emojis. It can be considered slightly annoying but overall humorous.

You can also celebrate this day with an event. Call over your friends and family members to celebrate World Emoji Day. Pretty sure nobody could deny such an exciting invitation.

Facts And Stats

  • On this day, you can remember that emoji language is the world's fastest-growing language, as people most frequently use emojis to express their emotions compared to words. Facebook alone uses 5 billion emojis daily!
  • Did you know that emoji is a Japanese word? The word is translated to mean a pictogram. That's a fantastic fact to remember on this World Emoji Day.
  • Emojipedia informs that there are roughly 3000 plus emojis on the internet. That's a bunch of emojis, and you can pick your new favorites on this day!
  • How often do you use the emoji that was voted the most popular emoji in 2018? In 2021, the emoji 'Face With Tears of Joy' was used 5% of the total emoji shared.
  • The origin of pictograms can be traced back to 9000 BC. This was way before World Emoji Day was established in 2014
  • On this day, you can reflect on the fact that Worcester, Massachusetts, is the birthplace of the yellow smiley emoji, and it was invented in 1963.
  • Did you know why July 17 was selected as World Emoji Day? July 17 was the calendar emoji of Apple. On this day, Apple launched its 'I Cal' and used a calendar emoji to mark the day!
  • On this day, in 2015, the celebration of this day was a trending topic on Twitter.
  • Another fun fact for the day is that former Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop is known for using lots of emojis to make a point on Twitter also celebrates her birthday on this day!

FAQs About World Emoji Day

What does World Emoji Day do?

World Emoji Day celebrates the importance of emojis their origin and sometimes also launches products and variations of new emojis.

What is the significance of World Emoji Day?

The significance of this day is that it marks the importance of emojis while having virtual conversations and expressing the intended emotions.

How is World Emoji Day different from International Day Of Sign Languages?

World Emoji Day celebrates emojis, and International Day of Sign Languages celebrates the necessity to understand how important sign languages are and how it advocates for equality.

What is the history and origin of World Emoji Day?

The history and origin of this day can be traced back to 2014 when the founder of Emojipedia named, Jeremy Burge, established this day to mark the importance of emojis in our lives.

What is special about World Emoji Day?

This day is special because people get to learn more about emojis, and they also get to enjoy many events and make laughable memories with their loved ones.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
July 17, 2020 Friday
July 17, 2021 Saturday
July 17, 2022 Sunday
July 17, 2023 Monday
July 17, 2024 Wednesday

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