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World Humanist Day

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Where is World Humanist Day celebrated?

This day is celebrated all across the globe at the same time as the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere.

Whom is World Humanist Day celebrated by?

Humanists all around the world praise this day for spreading awareness of humanist reasoning and humanist qualities.

When did World Humanist Day first start?

This day was first celebrated in 2013, along with the summer solstice.

Who started World Humanist Day?

The American Humanist Association (AHA), in a joint effort with the Humanist International and Ethical Union (IHEU), began World Humanist Day.

Modern humanist movement promotes positive values in human beings.

History And Timeline

Let's look at how different world organizations helped in establishing the day as it developed.


Establishment Of The Day

The American Humanist Association's local state groups gathered and began celebrating this day. The day is hailed as an opportunity for humanists and other groups to discuss the benefits of humanism.

Early '90s

Resolutions Passed

The American Humanist Association (AHA) passed resolutions to celebrate World Humanist Day during the summer solstice.


IHEU Declares Humanist Day

The International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) passed resolutions and designated June 21 as World Humanist Day.


Humanists International Declaration

Humanists International declared June 21 as World Humanist Day.


First Humanist Day

The principal National Humanist Day was coordinated in the Netherlands.

Traditions And Customs

At June 21, attend a local talk or conversation. Points of discussion can range from global, such as debates regarding Humanists International's activities, to personal, such as open gatherings where people share their own paths to humanism.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate World Humanist Day

The first and most effective way to observe World Humanist Day is to ponder your own ideas as a person. What influences your decisions and makes you a decent person? Is there a fear that you'll be turned down by a higher power? Could it be said that in the aftermath of a death, you're looking for some wonderful gift, and this is what keeps you from being underhanded? Is it, on the other hand, the finest inspiration that we actually want to act in such a way that we treat people fairly and with enough regard? World Humanist Day encourages you to consider these questions and to seek out ways to assist your fellow beings.

Facts And Stats

  • The renowned allies of Humanist Day incorporate the transformative scholar Richard Dawkins, the savant AC Grayling, the smash-hit creator Phillip Pullman, and the humorist Tim Minchin.
  • In 2012, the Dutch Humanistisch Verbond aired short films about World Humanist Day on Dutch television.
  • World Humanist Day was initially started in America during the '80s and has since developed into an overall occasion perceiving the worldwide idea of Humanism.

FAQs About World Humanist Day

What does a humanist worldview look like?

Humanism was initially designated 'humanitas'. It implied the improvement of human temperance, in the entirety of its structures, to its fullest degree. The term hence inferred characteristics such as 'getting, kindness, empathy, leniency—yet additionally substantially more confident attributes as the backbone, judgment, judiciousness, persuasiveness, and even love of honor.

Who is a well-known humanist?

Salman Rushdie, Margaret Atwood, and actress Kristen Bell are some of the famous humanists.

What is humanism today?

Present-day humanism is regularly depicted as naturalistic, ethical, democratic, or scientific humanism, with every modifier stressing an alternate angle or concern that has been the focal point of humanistic endeavors during the 20th century. As a way of thinking, modern humanism is regularly naturalistic, shunning confidence in anything heavenly and depending on the logical technique for figuring out what does and doesn't exist.

What can we do on this World Humanist Day?

We can create awareness of human rights and encourage humane behavior toward one another.

What are some of the advantages of World Humanist Day?

It is a chance for humanist associations and humanists to pitch the positive upsides of humanism and to share the worldwide worries about humanist development. Humanist gatherings all over the planet celebrate World Humanist Day with a varied assortment of exercises.

Who promoted World Humanist Day initially?

AHA's local state chapters celebrated this humanist movement first and promoted the positive values it stands for.

Why is World Humanist Day important to society?

Humanism focuses on the significance of human qualities and poise. It suggests that individuals can resolve issues using science and reason. Rather than strict practices, humanism centers around assisting individuals with living well, accomplishing self-improvement, and making the world a better place.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
April 21, 2020 Tuesday
April 21, 2021 Wednesday
April 21, 2022 Thursday
April 21, 2023 Friday
April 21, 2024 Sunday
April 21, 2025 Monday

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