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World Maternal Mental Health Day

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Where is World Maternal Mental Health Day observed?

 Maternal Mental Health Day is observed globally to raise awareness about woman's maternal mental health. 

Who observes World Maternal Mental Health Day?

 Anyone can observe and participate in World Maternal Mental Health Day, particularly pregnant women, new moms, and their families

When did the first World Maternal Mental Health Day start?

The first World Maternal Mental Health Day was started on May 5, 2016, to raise awareness about maternal mental health.

Who started World Maternal Mental Health Day?

 The first maternal trust was started in the UK around 1956, and later, it was accepted as the Maternal Mental Health Day by the world.

Maternal Mental Health is celebrated to show support to mothers.

History And Timeline

Pregnancy is considered a gift to all women, however the significant life changes during pregnancy and after the birth of a child can make women more vulnerable to mental illness which can impact women's ability to function. Many women experience problems after pregnancy or during the pregnancy such as anxiety disorders, perinatal illness, and postpartum depression.

In 1992 a charity was founded to support mothers in the UK. This charity is responsible for creating World Maternal Mental Health Day which is now observed all over the globe on May 5, every year. The first Maternal Mental Health Day was celebrated in 2016, and 2022 will be the sixth successful year of spreading awareness about the important issue of perinatal mental health. 'LUCY' was the first mobile application that helped to assist with pregnancy by providing techniques, support, and various tactics throughout different stages of pregnancy to support pregnant women and help to raise awareness of the importance of mental health.


Child Births In 1940

Before 1940, women were kept in hospitals for long periods, like 10 days, and used to give birth in large rooms together.


Modified Deliveries

By 1954, large forceps which used to be common were almost reduced for labor. Instead, mid and small forceps were used for deliveries.


National Childbirth Trust

A campaign and a trust called National Childbirth Trust was established to support all new moms.


Beginning Of Parental Care

From 1990, people started taking parental health care seriously to avoid pre/post-delivery illnesses.


Maternal Mental Health Day

In 2016, World Mental Health Day was declared by WHO and is celebrated on May 5 of every year.

Traditions And Customs

People have created slogans and themes in support of mothers. Many events take place throughout the world that helped to raise awareness about the various mental health issues that can occur during and after pregnancy, such as anxiety disorder or heightened emotions that can affect perinatal mood.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate World Maternal Mental Health Day

One of the most important activities to undertake to help promote the importance of supporting mental health for new mothers is communication and education. Talk to people to help reduce the stigma associated with mental health in women, which is affects women worldwide both in the pre and postpartum period. Help to raise awareness in your community about how pregnancy can affect women and educate yourself on the symptoms to look out for that may indicate an issue with a woman's perinatal mood.

Normalize perinatal mood and anxiety disorder and let them know about the precautions or care to be taken in such a case. Help to educate people about the challenges faced during childbirth and in the first year of the baby's life and the huge impact this change can have on women when learning to care for their children.

Facts And Stats

  • Every 10 t0 15% of mothers face postpartum depression or mental illness, and sadly they suffer because of a lack of knowledge, awareness, and support. This day aims to creates awareness about such issues.
  • Since May is also celebrated as Maternal Mental Health month, this day falls in the first week of May every year.
  • Many types of awareness programs, events, and social media campaigns are held on this day to remove the social stigma attached to anxiety disorder or depression that is faced by many mothers.

FAQs About World Maternal Mental Health Day

What is the purpose of World Maternal Mental Health Day?

Changing everyone's attitude towards maternal mental illness and helping mothers to deal with it is the main purpose of Maternal Mental Health Day.

When is Maternal Health month?

Maternal Health Month is celebrated in May.

How important is this day?

It's very important as it deals with a very serious and the often ignored issue of mental health in women and mothers. It's celebrated to show our love, support, and care for mothers during the challenging times of pregnancy, childbirth and raising a new baby.

How should we be celebrating this day?

We can show love and respect towards all mothers. Share your stories or talk to friends who may have experienced perinatal mood or anxiety issues after having a child.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
May 05, 2020 Tuesday
May 05, 2021 Wednesday
May 05, 2022 Thursday
May 05, 2023 Friday
May 05, 2024 Sunday

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