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World Ranger Day

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Where is World Ranger Day observed?

The World Ranger is observed all around the world. There is a new theme for World Ranger Day every year. The rangers diligently patrol protected areas and protect natural environments, cultural heritage, and wildlife.

Who is World Ranger Day observed by?

World Ranger Day is observed by people all around the world. It helps people show their gratitude towards the rangers for their duties, dedication to work, and sacrifice.

When did World Ranger Day first start?

World Ranger Day was first started in 2007. It was created by the International Ranger Federation to recognize and honor the rangers working worldwide.

Who started World Ranger Day?

The International Ranger Federation established World Ranger Day.

Rangers play an important role in the functioning of a national park.

History And Timelines

World Rangers Day was started by the member association of the International Ranger Federation in 2007. The inspiration for this event was the agreement and joining of the Association of National Park Rangers in the United States, Scottish Countryside Rangers Association, and Countryside Management Association.


US Army As Rangers

The US Army starts managing the Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks.



In 1992, the International Rangers Foundation was founded. It represents the rangers from across the world.


Release Of Documentary

In 2007, a documentary named ‘The Thin Green Line’ was released. Later The Thin Green Line Foundation was formed. It supports the International Rangers Foundation.


Starting The World Rangers Day

The International Rangers Foundation members association started World Rangers Day in 2007. This event was created to show gratitude towards the rangers for their services and sacrifice.



Dr. Jane Goodall became the CEO of The Thin Green Line Foundation.

Traditions And Customs

On World Rangers Day, many people make donations and raise money or funds for rangers.

The funds are used to support the families of fallen Rangers, equipment for rangers, and training for the rangers.

People show their gratitude towards the rangers by recognizing their duties, sacrifice, and others.

People conduct seminars, post blogs, and online content to raise awareness regarding the rangers and their work.

Events are hosted in schools, offices, and community centers to observe the rangers and their families.

Every year the International Ranger Federation sets a theme for World Ranger Day around which the event is organized.

Ways To Observe World Ranger Day

You can organize events in schools, offices, and other places to observe the work of rangers with friends and family.

You can visit a park and thank a ranger for their duties.

You can donate some money to the rangers.

You can take a moment to create a blog and write about the lives of rangers and show your gratitude towards them.

Facts and Stats

  • World Ranger Day was founded by the International Ranger Federation in 2007. It was started on the 15th anniversary of the International Ranger Federation.
  • The World Ranger Day pays tribute to the rangers. Every year there is a new theme for World Ranger Day.
  • The need for World Ranger was created by documentary filmmaker Sean Willmore, who interviewed rangers across 23 countries for one year to gather their feedback. Learn these interesting facts on this day.

FAQs About World Ranger Day

What is World Ranger Day?

World Ranger Day is observed every year on July 31 to show gratitude towards rangers and pay tribute to the rangers who were injured or killed during their duty and services.

Why is World Ranger Day important?

World Ranger Day is very important as it honors the hard work and sacrifices of the rangers. They are an important link for protecting national parks, natural environments, and wildlife. Many park rangers are even killed trying to protect wild animals, natural resources, and cultural heritage. This day is to observe the lives of fallen rangers.

Why should we observe World Ranger Day?

We should observe World Ranger Day to commemorate the rangers. It makes people aware of their work and vital services. Also, many youngsters are encouraged to pursue a career as a ranger.

How are governments supporting World Ranger Day?

The government launches various policies and programs to support the rangers. The policies include better payment and salary for the rangers and establishing better working conditions and equipment. Rangers are provided with a better learning experience and training. They get better and fair employment opportunities and develop better rules and regulations for their protection and safeguarding. They empower the rangers and make it easier to raise their concerns and issues.

How World Ranger Day can benefit wildlife?

Since World Ranger Day spreads awareness about the services and sacrifices made by rangers, people also get information regarding the poaching and hunting activities done against the wildlife. With the help of this information, people make efforts to conserve the wildlife and even form groups for their betterment.

How can we observe World Ranger Day?

We can observe World Ranger Day by showing our gratitude for the rangers; you can raise funds for their development, conduct seminars, post blogs, or any other online content and different ways. You can also personally thank a park ranger or forest ranger by visiting a national park. You can conduct programs to make local communities and young people aware of this event and support rangers.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
July 31, 2020 Friday
July 31, 2021 Saturday
July 31, 2022 Sunday
July 31, 2023 Monday
July 31, 2024 Wednesday

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