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World Table Tennis Day

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Where is World Table Tennis Day celebrated?

World Table Tennis Day is an international event, and people from all over the world celebrate the day.

Who is World Table Tennis Day celebrated by?

The sport is meant for everyone regardless of age, gender, culture, and physical ability. It is believed that through this sport, social inclusion, peace, and unity can be achieved. Thus, ITTF invites and exhorts everyone to celebrate the event annually on April 6.

When did World Table Tennis Day first start?

World Table Tennis Day first started on April 6, 2015.

Who started World Table Tennis Day?

The International Table Tennis Federation started this event to promote social inclusion, peace, and unity.

The celebration of this event intends to promote social inclusion and unity.

History And Timeline

If you are already prepared to grab a paddle and play the game, then excuse us for detaining you for a little bit. First, let's see some intriguing events related to the history of this sport.

1860s or 1870s

Coming From India

It is believed that the British military officers developed this game in India, and from there it traveled to England where it was played by the upper-class people as a parlor game.


'Ping Pong' Was Patented

In 1901, the British manufacturer J. Jaques & Son Ltd trademarked the name 'ping pong', which had been in wide use earlier. Once it was trademarked, ping pong came to mean playing the game with Jaques's expensive equipment.


Discovery Of Table Tennis Ball

The British enthusiast of table tennis James W. Gibb came across celluloid balls during his stay in the US, and found those balls apposite for the game. Also, in the same year, modern paddles were invented by a man called E.C. Goode.


Founding Of ITTF

The governing body for all national table tennis associations, the International Table Tennis Federation, was founded by William Henry Lawes. The founding members were Austria, British India, Denmark, England, Wales, Czechoslovakia, Weimar Republic, Sweden, and the Kingdom of Hungary.


The First World Championships

Sanctioned by the International Table Tennis Federation, the first World Table Tennis Championships competition was hosted by England in 1930. Five events were played in this tournament.

Traditions And Customs

Since its invention, the sport has received much popularity. It is said that in Victorian England, table tennis was considered to be a parlor game of upper-class people. In the first part of the last century, this sport grew. The first Table Tennis Association, Ping Pong Association, English Table Tennis Association, International Table Tennis Association, American Table Tennis Association, and the first World Table Tennis Championships, all took place before 1933. And in the second half of the century, the sport was played in the Olympics. It had traveled a long way before ITTF decided to create an international holiday dedicated to this sport. Table tennis can be played by two or four players at a time. You can play it as a competitive sport, just for fun, or to burn some calories. And since table tennis does not require much movement, the chances of getting injured are also much lower than other sports. So, on May 6, raise awareness of the benefits of playing table tennis, and encourage people to participate in this sport.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate World Table Tennis Day

On this World Table Tennis Day, you can participate in a table tennis competition. And if that is not possible then you can conduct a table tennis tournament in your backyard. Invite your friends and co-workers. After that, you can take some photos together and share them on social media to let others know about the day. And if anyone shows interest then you will have an extra participant next year! You could also spend this day reading some books on table tennis to know more about the sport and to find out about the all-time-best players.

Facts And Stats

  • In 1901, both the ball and paddle that are used in a table tennis match were discovered. This can be a great topic of discussion on World Table Tennis Day.
  • Both the men's team and women's team of China hold 21 World Championships titles. No wonder why World Table Tennis Day is so popular in China.
  • The ITTF handbook specifies all the rules of table tennis. On this World Table Tennis Day, this handbook can make a great gift for someone who always cheats during the game!

FAQs About World Table Tennis Day

Why is World Table Tennis Day celebrated?

The celebration of World Table Tennis Day aims to promote social unity and peace, and to appreciate the brilliant sport where the players do not need to fulfill any criteria to participate in the game.

When is National Ping Pong Day celebrated?

It is on the same day as World Table Tennis Day.

Who is the best table tennis player?

Some of the best table tennis players are Fan Zhendong, Chen Meng, Ma Long, and Sun Yingsha.

What is the significance of World Table Tennis Day?

Table tennis is an inclusive sport, everyone is welcome to play it. That is why, to promote social inclusion, the International Table Tennis Federation started this event and dedicated it to table tennis.

How is World Table Tennis Day different from International Sports Day?

International Sports Day was started by the United Nations and is dedicated to all sports, whereas World Table Tennis Day was started by ITTF and is dedicated to table tennis. But both of these holidays are celebrated on the same day and have the same motive.

Who invented table tennis?

There are many theories regarding the origin of table tennis. While some say it originated in Victorian England as a parlor game, others believe that the British military officers developed this game in India and then brought it to England.

Is table tennis played in the Olympics?

Yes. Table tennis was included in the Olympics in 1988 in South Korea.

What is the history and origin of World Table Tennis Day?

The event was started in 2015 by the International Table Tennis Federation.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
April 06, 2020 Monday
April 06, 2021 Tuesday
April 06, 2022 Wednesday
April 06, 2023 Thursday
April 06, 2024 Saturday

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